Monday, February 20, 2017


How Far Along: 22 weeks! Baby Flash is as big as a Guinea Pig, clocking at 1 pound, and fattening up. He is hard at work developing his hearing, coordinating movements, and reacting to the outside stimuli. 

I am Feeling: A lot better; my cold symptoms finally started to abate some, and I find that my energy slowly returned. I did struggle a lot with being able to just do things while sick, and it is so nice to finally somewhat normal again. We are dealing with Forrest's jealousy regarding our pregnancy. He has been clingy, more than usual, to me while Frank is napping, and having a lot of anxiety about the new baby. Forrest has been really sweet toward baby Flash by kissing my belly, and talking to him, however, he worries about his role as a little boy, and whether he will still be valued when the baby arrives. I have decided I will take Forrest out for dates just two of us, and do fun things until Baby Flash is born. It will help Forrest to be assured that he will always be number one! 

Movements: Baby Flash likes to move a lot during specific times, especially at the evening time, when I am resting, and crocheting. I think I'm so busy moving during the day that it lulls him to sleep. He also goes through cyclical pattern of sleeping a lot for 2-3 days, then going crazy all day, then go back to sleeping. His movements are quite strong, yet he's stubborn to let people feel him on the outside. 

Symptoms: This is embarrassing, but man, I've been dealing with bad gas. Ugh. They're pretty painful too! So I've been cutting down on how much I take in the air while eating by chewing slower, drinking less from straws and using plain open cups, balancing how much fiber I eat, and not eating so much spicy food. My hips have been bothering me a lot at the night, and I usually find that walking around in the morning helps to loosen up the stiffening hips. Honestly, I think those two are my biggest symptoms right now, and everything else is peachy.

Labor Signs: Still experiencing BH contractions here, and there, especially when I over do it, and not drinking enough water. Otherwise, all is quiet on the front (thankfully). Baby Flash need to chill in the oven longer! 

What Do I Miss the Most: Having a normal digestive system?? It would be nice for my IBS to just not flare up so much. My IBS is far worst in this pregnancy out of all of my previous pregnancies. It's kind of odd, seeing my previous pregnancies, my IBS tend to go away, and stay away. No luck this time around! 

Best Moments of the Week: Seeing a picture of baby Iz wearing an outfit I bought for her. Gosh, she's the most adorable thing ever!! I will have to see if it is okay for me to continue to buy her stuff like cute girl outfits (getting my girl fix in), and books. Watching Donkey Basketball game--that was fun--with the boys. Enjoying warm spring-like weather in February!! We have been taking a lot of walks! 

Looking Forward To: Starting shopping for Baby Flash. Finishing the fox cocoon bag for the pictures. Making a quilt. Buying boys bunk beds, setting up rooms, and prepare for Baby Flash. I'm really anxious to start! I'm also excited, because my brother's stepmom in law is making us crocheted blankets, and baby mobile, which is one of the most sweetest things ever. I am anxious to start looking at double strollers to make a decision which one I would like (I keep putting it off, because no time). Oh boy, I'm just ready to be able to check off my list!! 

Next Appointment/Updates: March 2nd at 4 pm. That is a correct date, and time. It is just a routine appointment. Nothing major. I'm still feeling Baby Flash is in a breech position, because I can feel his feet kicking at my bladder! 


How Far Along: 21 weeks. The little man is as big as a Least Weasel. It is possible that he weighs 1 pound, and is packing on fat so his skin is becoming less saggy. 

I am Feeling: I am feeling pretty good. I have finally hit the point in my pregnancy called, "honeymoon phase", and all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS. About the time!! 

Movements: The baby boy loves to WIGGLE. He is always on a move...especially at 4 am. I tell Stu that this guy is Forrest 2.0 in the making with how early he likes to wake up, and party. He moves at most random times during the day too. I feel like he's always on the move with an occasional nap here, and there. There is days when he just sleep a lot, then there's days when he parties a lot more! My friend, and I have jokingly dubbed him as Baby Flash, just because he's always on a flash! And no, that's not his name. 

Symptoms: I feel bigger with this pregnancy. My feet hurt a lot when I am on them for too long, and it is not something I can really avoid out of necessity, and want. I hate just sitting around. I need to be cooking, quilting, crocheting, standing, moving around, and not always staying off my feet. I do feel better with this pregnancy than I did with my other two boys in term of not getting so light-headed, and seeing star bursts. I'm hoping it means a good sign pointing to NOT having Gestational Thrombocytopenia, especially with baby Flash being a breech. I have stuffy nose, and feeling like I'm always out of breath sucks. Stupid cold. 

Labor signs: Ooh Lord no. This boy need to stay put in for a long while yet! I do have Braxton-Hicks here, and there, especially when I am not drinking enough water, and staying well hydrated. Sometimes, overdoing certain things can bring it on. I have been having them since week 18 or so? I am told that it is actually normal for subsequent pregnancies to have them earlier, and earlier. 

What Do I Miss the Most: I don't really miss anything at this point. I guess you could say that sometimes I miss the excitement, joy, and seeing pregnancy through the first time mom's eyes. I'm an experienced veteran at this, so nothing really excites me anymore about being pregnant, and having had a miscarriage also has robbed that feeling away from me. Having said this, I must say that with this, I do notice I am much more EXCITED to meet Baby Flash, and just be able to hold him. To be able to say, oh thank god, you're finally here. We have been waiting for you so long. Gah, I'm going to cry just thinking about that!! 

Best Moments of the Week: Well, I got the nicest offer from one of my aunts to buy us a double stroller! So sweet!! I have to decide on what I'd like, and let her know. I finally got Stu to feel Baby Flash on the outside on my belly! The boys were too impatient to wait for Flash to kick--and Flash was being a stubborn baby by not reacting right away. Grandma Bobbie got Flash's first baby clothes!! So adorable! I also finished a baby afghan blanket, and started a fox sleeping sack with a matching hat. 

Looking Forward to: Having the boys to feel Flash kick hopefully at some point, getting the boys a new bunk beds, getting the nursery room ready, and starting gather things to prepare Baby Flash's arrival. 

Next Appointment/Update: March 3rd, I think? I do have it written down though! No updates at this point. Just hoping that Flash will be head down in the next couple months. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017


How Far Along: 20 weeks!! It means I am HALF WAY to meeting our Rainbow. Rainbow is as big as an Axolotl; I swear I'm not misspelling the creature's name, or anything, and it is really how it is spelled. I guess it's an amphibian that has cute little crown around its head, and it is native to New Mexico. Rainbow is now able to be measured from head to feet instead of to the rump! He is practicing breathing, and having his little teeth buds forming in his gums. Hair is being developed on his eyebrows, eyelashes, and little body! Boy, our Rainbow is hard at work this week at growing!! 

I am Feeling: I am excited, and very emotional. It is bittersweet now that we finally know who Rainbow is, and we have a few names picked out for him. I imagine the day when he is born, and I cry. I get very emotional about his birthday, because it is a very bittersweet experience to be meeting a rainbow baby, and knowing that our angel isn't here to share the experience with us. It is also knowing that our angel has sent him to us that makes it so special for us. OMG--I'm going to be a bawling mess when we meet our rainbow for the very first time!! I'm excited, because I know who he is, and I have tons of projects to do for him.

Movements: Now I know that our little baby is in a Frank Breech position. I can sort of figure out what body part is bumping against my belly. I'm hoping he will flip quite often enough to decide that one point, he will want to go head down, and not stress me out like how someone else (FRANK) did. He really likes to move A LOT, and kick at one of his brothers if one of them lean in too hard against my belly. I still can't quite feel him on the outside yet, but I think that time is coming. 

Gender: A BOY!!!!!! I knew it! I had several dreams that our Rainbow is a boy, and I was right! I had the same dreams in the past about my other two boys, and they were right too! So having said this, I am THRILLED to be having another boy, and I won't lie, a little scared shitless. Ha ha ha! I am hopelessly outnumbered at this point. Nonetheless, I am very excited though--I really thought I'd be sad about the prospect of not having a girl, but I am not! 

What Do I Miss the Most: Regular clothes. My belly is like a basketball, so it sticks out all way in the front, and I feel like I'm starting to outgrow my regular shirts. I am walking around like a drunk with his belly exposed, oops. So it's time to transition over to my maternity shirts!! Most of my maternity clothes are kind of out of season, so I will have to make it work somehow. I hate buying so much of them, because I only get to wear them for such short while in my life. 

Best Moments of the Week: Finding out who our Rainbow is, coming up with the list of names, doing our gender reveal, and getting the boys' reaction on the video (I loved Forrest's response of oh a blue baby!), getting things ready for our Rainbow, and making lists--I have three or four of them already--to be done before Rainbow gets here. 

Looking Forward To: Finally preparing for our rainbow's arrival!!! Being able to feel him on the outside, so our boys, and Stu can also enjoy him! Right now,, he's being a stinker, and hiding every time when I try to find him on the outside. 

Next Appointment/Update: March 3rd at 4 pm. It's a routine appointment. No testing, or ultrasound. There won't be any ultrasounds from this point on until our rainbow is born, unless Dr. Mbah discovers that he has not flipped, and gone head down, then an ultrasound will be needed to confirm if that is true. 

Monday, January 30, 2017


How Far Along: Our Rainbow is as big as a hedgedog! The baby is hard at work sucking his/her thumb, and practicing breathing in the utero. The vitex covering is enveloping Rainbow so when the baby is born, he/she won't end up looking like a wrinkled raisin!  

I am Feeling: Really anxious to find out the baby's sex! I can't wait! I am SO ready to start doing projects, and getting ready for the baby's big day! Still dealing with nausea. It's far, and between these days, which is great, but it rears its head at most seemingly random times. 

Movements: Rainbow loves to jive around. The baby does have lazy days, but my favorite time is when the baby is crazy moving around! 

Gender: I am still adamant the baby is a boy. 

What Do I Miss the Most: My skinny blue jeans. I no longer fit in them!! SAD DAY. I need to find maternity skinny jeans! So far, I have not had any luck. I do have one cute pair of maternity pants, but they're not "skinny jeans". 

Cravings: Still the same. I've been eating a lot of Greek Style wraps lately! So good!!

Aversions: Unchanged. Like I had mentioned last week, it has become more of disinterest than anything else toward my aversions. 

Best Moments of the Week: Getting a lipsense lipstick from my childhood dear friend, Jessica! I am really in love with those! I ended up buying 4 different shades, oops! So I am excited to be getting them in the mail too. It's a birthday gift to myself. I also had my hair cut!!! I ended up having 10 inches of my hair lopped off, and it felt GREAT. I have decided to donate it to Pantene Great Length, since it is an organization targeted to women battling Breast Cancer, and I feel it's appropriate with the fact that one of my dear friends is fighting Breast Cancer for the second time.  

Looking Forward To: Oh my gosh, the ultrasound on Tuesday! I am so excited to see how Rainbow is doing. I'm also a bit anxious (just a post-miscarriage thing) to make sure that the baby is well. 

Next Appointment/Updates: Tuesday January 31st at 9 am! 

Monday, January 23, 2017


How Far Along: 18 Weeks! The baby is as big as a Sugar Glider, and is currently hard at work developing nerve endings in the brain, and the bones in the ears to help build a sense of hearing. As for Mama, my belly has been sore these days, because everything is stretching, stretching, and stretching to accommodate the little rainbow! 

I am Feeling: Pretty good. I think nausea is mostly gone! If I remember correctly, then it is around this time in my pregnancy with Franklin that I finally started feeling better. I still have my days when I feel queasy, and I'm not complaining since they are far and apart these days. Just dealing with a slightly sore stomach muscles from everything expanding. My uterus is about a size of a cantaloupe, and I sure feel it! I have been experiencing a lot of breathless sensation lately, and it is from increased blood volume in my body. Crazy fact: Mother's body volume has increased to 50 percent of blood to compensate the loss through labor, delivery, and postpartum. I am also feeling really frustrated these days. It seem that my pregnancy brain has gotten worse this time around. I could just cry sometimes at how disorganized I have been with my memory lately. 

Movements: I have been feeling rainbow a lot these days. I think the baby really wants to be in part of the fun with his/her older brothers. On some days, I feel the baby a lot, and on some others, I feel the baby less. It all depends on the baby's mood, and where the baby is positioned. The rainbow is most active baby of all pregnancies I've had. 

Gender: In two weeks, we should know rainbow's gender!!! I'm thinking a boy number 4. I'm just really excited to find out, because there's several cute projects I want to get started for his nursery. Now...if the baby is a girl, then I'll have to go back to the drawing board for the projects. 

What Do I Miss the Most: Not having sore stomach muscles. Honestly, it is not a HUGE issue, and I can deal with it. It is just fascinating how our bodies expand, and accommodate a baby. It's not always the most pleasant feeling! 

Cravings: I have been all about fresh food lately. I want wraps with ton load of cucumbers, vegetables, and chicken. I'm not so preoccupied on fruits like I am with fresh vegetables. I told Stu the other day that I absolutely cannot wait for summer, because then we can get a lot of fresh produce everywhere! I am planning on making home made egg rolls soon. I've been wanting that so bad, and I think it's much cheaper to make our own than buying a box. 

Aversions: I don't really have any that triggers me these days. I just don't find that I gravitate to darker meat, and garlicky smelling food. It is becoming more of a disinterest now, rather than making me sick. 

Best Moments of the Week: Having Forrest kiss my belly every night at bedtime. It just warms my heart so much how involved he has been with my pregnancy (he WANTED NOTHING to do with my pregnancy with Franklin...must be the age thing). Spending time with our cousin Sara and the family at her house for a Packers game (sorry boys, better luck next year, Go green and gold). Being successful with my bread recipe by using dutch oven. Finding a connection in a local group on Facebook to hook up with a hair stylist to get my hair cut and colored...can't wait! It has been 2 years since I did something with my hair. I feel like for the first time in forever, I finally KNOW what I want, and I'm excited as heck about it. Starting a new Afghan crochet blanket project! 

Looking Forward to: I am starting to itch to buy baby things. I really don't need A LOT things, because I have already accumulated so much from having Forrest, and Franklin. Nonetheless, I am making lists for the boys to room together, baby needs, postpartum care, hospital bags, and house necessities. I'm so TYPE A, and need to organize things in order to know what to do. Since I am pretty much set with a lot of baby things, I have decided to go for better brand name products, and make sure all of the necessities I already have are updated (such as butt paste, baby  medication, gripe water, etc). It is really mostly small things. I am looking into Arm Reach bassinet for the baby to co-sleep with us, and bed situation for the boys to room (bunk beds, separate twin beds, or trundle). I'm eager to start new crochet projects, and postpartum care kit for myself. 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 31st at 9 am. I can't wait to see our Rainbow again. Just a week from tomorrow!! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017


How Far Along: 17 weeks! The rainbow is as big as a chipmunk, about 5 inches long, and the bones are getting calcified. This only means that the baby's kicks will be getting stronger!

I am Feeling: Excited, because I got a gender reveal balloon kit in the mail, and it only makes it more real that we are finding out our rainbow's gender soon. I finally decided to secure a birth photographer, and it was exciting too! I had a professor contact me to set up a schedule for a presentation about Deaf culture (for anybody who knows me; I'm big into educating about Deaf Culture)!  Nauseous; I had a cup of hot chocolate milk, and it was not sitting on my stomach too well. When will I ever learn my lesson that this little one does not like sweet food (probably never will I learn this lesson, because I want Girl Scout Cookies). I just wish this nausea would go away, and I feel bad to even complain about feeling this way, because I know there are ladies who struggle with terrible, terrible morning sickness. 

Movements: I've been feeling a lot more movements in the past couple days. The baby is definitely being busy lately. I wonder what the baby is up to? I think the baby really wants to keep up with his/her older brothers! 

Gender: I'm thinking a boy. We will find out in a month. Why does it have to be so far away yet?! I have decided that I would really like to do our gender reveal on my birthday, which is a day after our anatomy scan, because I think it would be a really fun day to find out! It does mean more waiting for us, but that is okay, because I think the wait would be worth it! How special would it be to find out on my birthday? 

What Do I Miss the Most: Not feeling nauseous. I am just so tired of feeling this way, and I really want to be in the "honeymoon" phase of the pregnancy already. 

Cravings: I notice that I've been buying vegetable Chinese egg rolls here, and there. It is not like I HAVE to have it, but every time I go into a food store, I find myself wanting to pick up that, and eat it. It's a bit too salty for my liking, yet at the same time, I'm like I really like it. I may make home made egg rolls soon, because that way, I can manage the sodium level, and add more flavors in it that I like. 

Aversions: Too much sweet food. Garlic. Garlicky smell. The smell of raw meat. Alcohol. Anything that smell really overpowering makes me feel sick. 

Best Moments of the Week: Finalizing things with Andrea for her to photograph our birth. I am so pumped about it. It is something I really need to do for myself, and to get myself start bonding with the whole pregnancy experience. I need to be excited about this pregnancy. Andrea is the best fit for us, and I really like her out of all the photographers (10 of them, matter of fact, ha ha) that I've interviewed. Here's her work if you want to check it out: Getting ready to find out our baby's gender by getting the balloon reveal in the mail. I can't wait! Getting a free Rodgers Jersey with the washing and dryer set we bought recently (gotta love local business). Having Dad and Jess visit us! The boys always love it when Grandparents, doesn't matter who as long as they're grandparents, visit! 

Looking Forward To: The day I finally feel normal, enjoying being WEEK 17, starting a new crochet project, a quilt project (a small one that I plan on doing monthly calendar for the wall), and starting amassing things for the baby. We are looking into a small bunk bed (twin over full) for the boys for once when the baby's born. 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 31st at 9 am for anatomy scan, and a follow up routine doctor appointment. I'm really excited to see our rainbow again! 

Sunday, January 8, 2017


How Far Along: 16 weeks.  

I am Feeling: Tired, and nauseous. I wish the nausea would go away already, and it is frustrating, because every time I think I find a trigger, and have a plan to avoid it; something new triggers my nausea, and I have to start the sleuthing all over again. Slightly annoyed, because my big Tom Cat is sitting right in the middle of my lap, and not moving...which means I have to type over him!! But he's keeping me, I think I can disregard my annoyance. Besides, I think the baby is enjoying the sound of Mr. Jinxy purring. Determined; I am kind of in a research mode right now, because I'm intrigued by having a birth photographer, and I want to learn more about it before I make a serious decision about it. I've been wanting to do this ever since I had Forrest, but could not justify having both birth, and newborn sessions. Having a rainbow baby is convincing me to look into it at least. 

Movements: The baby is starting to move more regularly, especially at the evening time, which I think it is the Rainbow's favorite time to be most active. Or it is because I am most relaxed, and I can concentrate more. Rainbow baby also likes to pack a punch when I at least expect it! I go oof, that is definitely the baby kicking at me! It makes me a bit afraid of how the kicks will feel once the baby is bigger...

Gender: A boy. We will find out at the end of January if my guess is right. 

What Do I Miss the Most: Feeling normal as in not feeling nauseous. I miss that. I want to be able to enjoy food without suffering the consequence. Come on little baby, be kind to mama, and let her enjoy stuff! 

Cravings: I've been enjoying a spoonful of Biscoff cookie spread (even though I end up nauseous). 

Aversions: Excessive salty food. I don't mind a bit of salt, but too much of it, meh. For instance, I had two egg rolls, and I ended up regretting it, because it was so salty. Greasy food. It seems to set off negative reaction in my body. 

Best Moments of the Week: I ordered a dress that never came. It was supposed to be for my weekly blog pictures, and I was pretty bummed. That was until a friend of mine offered to give me a dress for free from her business! It further confirmed to me that Karma was always at the work here. Forrest giving my belly kisses, and asking me if the baby can come out already. His excitement, and eagerness warmed my heart so much. 

Looking Forward to: Getting the dress from a friend of mine, and gender reveal balloon in the mail. I'm excited about doing a gender reveal with both of my boys, and Stu. I think it will be a lot of fun! Maybe not feeling so nauseous anymore soon? 

Next Appointment/Updates: January 31st at 9 am.