Thursday, June 30, 2011

Off Honeymooning!

I am excited because we will be off to our honeymoon. We are planning on leaving very early tomorrow in the morning and stopping in Louisville for the night. Then we should be in our destination by Saturday afternoon. We are very fortunate to have such loving aunt and uncle to provide their place in Florida for us to stay during our honeymoon. 

It should be interesting to take a long car trip with Stu. In our nearly 7-year relationship, we haven't taken a vacation together, and let alone a car trip! I have been on plenty of car trips with my side of family, and close friends, but never with Stu. I am looking forward to creating a lot of fun memories with Stu by stopping at roadside features/attractions, visiting historical sites, and eating different food. 

I told Stu that we have to stop at Chick-A-Fil at least 3 times during our whole trip because I do miss that place. I used to stop at that place when I lived in DC. So.... Chick-A-Fil isn't found here in Wisconsin. Bummer. Anyway, Stu thinks it's funny that I want to stop at Chick-A-Fil along the way, but hey, a happy wife means a happy marriage, right? :) 

We've decided to take a break from apartment hunt until after our honeymoon. We have not had much luck with finding a place. Most of the places we looked at had potential, but it did not fit what we were looking for. We looked at each other and said, "Well, let's enjoy our honeymoon and focus on this later when we come back!" 

While I am excited for our honeymoon, I am also looking forward to returning from our honeymoon to see our professional pictures from our wedding, and finding a place to live.

Anyway, I will keep you posted..... I'll resume blogging once we return from our honeymoon and I'll fill you guys in about our adventures!