Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Taking A Plunge

Stu and I have already taken a plunge into a married life. However, we have also made yet another plunge...moving! 

We have already been discussing about moving out of our current location since February. Stu wanted a change and I was still having a hard time finding a job. It was one of those moments when I had to resign to the fact that my Deafness was playing a factor of me not finding a job due to the location of where we were living in. **A side note; I have never allowed my Deafness to be an obstacle, but at the same time, I also had to be realistic in how it affected my abilities from time to time**

Stu applied to a job in a smaller school district about an hour south with very little expectation of not landing a job there. We figured, if it happened then we were going to roll with the ball. If not then hey, we still had a place and his job. It turned out that Stu was offered a job! At first, we had a long discussion whether it was a right time to move since we were getting married in a week and if it was worth our time and money. While we were discussing this, Stu also learned that he had a huge opportunity to return to our undergraduate college to coach for football. 

Coaching at college level has always been a big dream of Stu's. I felt it was my turn to encourage and support him to pursue his dream. After all, he was the one who stood by my side when I went to DC for 2 years, and encouraged me to go through grooming school. When it came for Stu to follow his aspirations, it was no-brainier for me to do the same for him, and we finally decided to take a plunge

Besides, the location we were eyeing at had more opportunities for me as well. I also realized that we were making a huge change from living in the country to the city (that is if you want to call that location a city....after living in DC, it has been hard for me to call certain locations a city). Well, we agreed to live in a different place and Stu can commute from there to work (about half hour drive one way).  For me, it was exciting because I had really missed living in a larger town/city. At the same time, I was also sad about the fact of leaving beautiful, quaint, and rural town. 

So, there are a lot of mixed feelings about moving to a new area, having to learn my way around the area all over again, saying goodbyes to our wonderful friends that we have made during our time here, and facing the unknown....facing the "what if's", and hoping that this will be a right decision to make. 

On the other hand, I am looking forward to making new friendships, visiting and getting acquainted with new places, starting a new chapter in our lives, finding a job/career, saving up for a house, buying a dog down the road, and facing new challenges (hey; challenges makes our lives exciting, right). 

There is a rebirth of opportunities, friendships, and purposes that comes with every changes. It can be scary for some people to take a step out of their comfort zones and try something new. But changes often rewards those who are courageous and willing to move beyond what they know and feel comfortable with. 

Demons in our lives makes us shrink in fear and revulsion as the bearers of the gift hidden under their wings. If we challenge them and make them yield up their gifts then they will be satisfied and will fly away, leaving us to benefit from their gifts.
-Julian Sleigh-