Monday, July 11, 2011

Back From Honeymooning!

Here's some pictures from our honeymoon: 

Of course, there's a lot more pictures that you can see on my Facebook wall! We had a great time. We stayed at our Aunt Ginny and Uncle Carl's place in Florida. We did a lot of fun things; sightseeing, laying on the beach, collecting sea-shells, went to a water park, visited a state park and went kayaking, saw a lot of wildlife creatures, and went on a dolphin tour. We also stayed with my dear friend in Louisville area twice which was like a bonus. The drive both ways went really well and we handled each other with no problem. The only disadvantage that occurred was that our A.C. in the car broke! I laughed and said, "hey, that's an adventure to tell to our kids someday". 

We got back from our honeymoon late last night. Stu and I agreed that we were pretty much ready to get back to the "reality". 

We decided on our trip that we wanted to continue looking for a place to stay even though we already found a "potential" place in Neenah area. We visited a house (a duplex, to be exact) and it turned out to be more spacious than we thought. It had a large kitchen, large living room with beautiful bay windows, two bedrooms of reasonable size, and a lot of storage spaces. It also came with a garage. The place was upstairs so the only disadvantage was long staircase way. Aside from its disadvantage, it was really wonderful in every sense. It was located in a nice neighborhood in North Oshkosh area. From that place to Stu's work, it only required 20 minutes of driving, and it only took about 15 minutes to drive into Appleton. The landlord was pretty nice and helpful. We had a positive vibe about the place so we picked up the application. 

Stu and I felt it was a reasonable potential location to move in. 

I will keep you posted as time goes. 

I am kind of experiencing a bit of conflict. A part of me wants to resume blogging on my wedding blog and covert it into our "married life" blog rather than continuing this one. At the same time, I already like the idea of keeping my wedding blog separated from the married life blog. So I haven't decided what to do about this conflict that I am experiencing right now. I think it just means I will have to redecorate this current blog and see if it fits my personality better and go from there. :)