Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best Prank I Have Ever Pulled On Stu

For those do not know my husband, Stu; let me tell you this....he does not like scary movies. Stu mainly tolerates  my love for scary movies.

More often than not, Stu winced and shuddered at scary parts in the movie while I was at the edge of my seat in anticipation to catch the glimpse of blood, gore or the monster. 

One night, I managed to convince Stu to watch the movie, Exorcism of Emily Rose:


For you guys who have not seen this movie; here's the is about a girl named Emily who was possessed by multiple demons. The priest came in to exorcise Emily and she ended up dead. The priest went on the trail since he was indicted of Emily's death. 

There was a recurring theme in the movie when demons often came to possess Emily or caused chaos to occur at 3 AM.

It was when the most amazing idea ever came to me. I waited for Stu to use the bathroom. I grabbed Stu's cellphone and set his alarm for 3 AM and put it back on the beside drawer. Stu returned with no idea that I had messed with his phone. We finished watching the movie. 

Stu turned to me, wow, a good thing it was not real, right?

I replied, no; demon possessions are real. 3 AM thing is real. It is when the witching hour begins. It means the gate between the living world and the spiritual world is weak. So that allows demons, spirits, or ghosts or whatever to pass through. Good night. I love you.

I turned over to my side and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

On the following morning, Stu told me that his phone had gone off at 3 AM and it scared him deeply. He was unable to sleep for rest of the night. He asked me if I touched his phone. I feigned confusion and said, what the heck are you talking about? You know I don't mess around with your phone. What for, you know? 

Stu eyed me warily for a few moments then decided I was telling the truth after all.

From time to time for the next few months, I continued to set alarm to go off at 3 AM on Stu's phone. Stu ended up being terrified and stayed up all night long. 

One day, I decided I had to come clean. I was torturing this poor guy and started to feel guilty. 

On the sofa, I turned my head to Stu and said, you know the phone thing. It was me.

Stu opened his mouth a few times and tried to say something, but was unable to do so. He narrowed his eyes and frowned.

You evil woman! He shouted, half angry, and half laughing. I am going to get back to you! 

Even was still the most awesome prank I have ever pulled on him.