Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Changes Prevents Us From Stifling

As you may have noticed; I have changed the blog a bit regarding its background and style. It helps to make this blog become uniquely mine. I plan on adding a few more unique touches to this blog as time goes by. Keep coming back and you may notice some changes! :) 

Stu and I have "unofficially" decided that we wanted a duplex house that we looked at two days ago. We had a better "feeling" about the duplex and it also gave a home feeling. It also helped that there was a lot more space in the living room, both bedrooms, and the bathroom was remodeled. Stu really appreciated storage space in the basement. He also really liked the idea of having a private yard, and garage. 

Stu had a chat with the landlord last night. It was a positive talk and led to us discussing about our "unofficial" decision to move into that place. The landlord (name withheld for privacy) told us that he has been planning on moving out of downstairs duplex and informed us that we can have the first "dibs" on moving downstairs. It was exciting to think about the possibility of owning a dog because we have been wanting a dog for a year. 

I got the nicest message yesterday from one of my friends about a post I wrote. It made me feel good to know that I had inspired someone to also "take a plunge" into something new, scary, and exciting experience. It made me think a lot about my feelings regarding to the move. 

At first, I'm not going to lie, it was hard to think about moving to a new area. I've made new friends, gotten familiar with the area, and felt like it was starting to be a home for us. I contributed all of this mixed feelings to the fact that there was so many things happening at once (events surrounding the wedding, seeing new and old faces at the reception, honeymoon, and Stu getting a new job during the wedding chaos). 

Going away from everything for our honeymoon helped a lot. I was able to process my feelings and made peace with the move. 

Do not get me wrong, I was never against the move to start with. I encouraged Stu to take the job and supported his decision. I knew it was also going to benefit me (better and wider job markets in several different locations, closer of a drive for my family, and more opportunities in general). I just struggled with accepting new changes in my life...mostly because I was afraid of what to come. 

I was presented with an opportunity to walk Labyrinth (will explain it more down the road). After walking the Labyrinth, a thought occurred to me: "Sometimes you have to let things go so there's room for better things to come into your life."

That thought reminded me of a Buddhist teaching that I read once a few years ago. 

Buddhists believe that changes are mini rebirths in our lives. If we are resistant or afraid of changes, then we are unable to be "reborn" to better things yet to come in our lives. We are unable to emotionally, mentally, and spiritually grow if we continue to miss out on life experiences just because we are afraid. Buddhists readily encourage changes because it prevents us from stifling.