Saturday, July 30, 2011

Continuing The Changes

So the changes continues. The title to my blog and the HTML link address to my blog are new. I feel that it is a good time to implement new additions to our blog. I am a bit miffed because I realize that my previous posts under "As You Wish" cannot be seen on Facebook, but fear not, my posts are STILL here under my new title. You can look it up on the right column of my blog. 

The reason for new title and link to our blog is simple. I want to personalize our blog into something uniquely ours. As You Wish title is cute, but it is not really "ours". It represent the very beginning of our relationship, but its meaning does not really carry into our marriage. I want something more suitable and meaningful to fit our theme for the blog. As my blog continues to progress, I notice that I like to throw in varying issues to write about, and share what I have learned from my life. This also includes updates regarding our married life. 

In fact, this blog is about life. 

Life is composed of little beautiful pieces (moments). When we look back at those little moments; it is when we realize that the little moments are really the big things, and it makes up for what we call life.