Sunday, July 17, 2011

Enjoying The Small Things.....

Stu and I attended a wedding for the first time as a husband and a wife. We had a really wonderful time! The weather turned out to be beautiful (no rain at all). The bride and groom looked beautiful. I had tears in my eyes while watching the ceremony because all of the feelings I had during my wedding came back flooding in me.

After experiencing my own wedding, I realized that I preferred wedding ceremony over the reception because it was when you witness the most romantic part of the wedding....seeing a couple exchanging their love for each other, and entering marriage together with such love in their eyes for each other.

Overall, It was just a perfect wedding.

Stu and I had so much fun dancing. Stu spun me around, dipped me, and floated around the room with me. I liked seeing my dress flaring at the bottom as Stu spun me around. I felt like a graceful dancer instead of a "Fender-Bender" as my dear friends so affectionately like to call me.

We saw some old and new faces at the wedding. It was amazing to see how much everybody had "grown up" since college.

As Stu drove on the way back home, I thought to myself how much fun I had with Stu and realized that it was small things that made life worth living for.....

So do take your time to stop and enjoy small things in your life. :)

My outfit for the night.

My hot date for the night; Mr. Russ!

Beautiful bride; handsome groom!
It was a beautiful wedding!

I like this picture because it was probably how my dress had flared out
while I danced with my husband :)