Sunday, July 31, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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It was summer of 1998. I was at Wisconsin Lion's Camp for two weeks during the Deaf Retreat with two of my dearest friends, Sharon and T. We were quickly dubbed by many as the "Three Musketeers" because we were always in the group of three. Everything we did were together. Everybody wanted to be a part of our group and it elevated our status to the "popular cool girls" of the camp. Yeah, we were that cool! Or at least we were in our own teenage world....remember your teenage days and how cool you thought you were? Yeah, that. 

Anyway, the week went on rather ordinarily....until we were informed that we had an opportunity to experience true camping. So with our unit, we hiked several miles into the deep forest until we reached our destination. Our camping area was in a spacious flat area scattered by many pine tree needles everywhere. The pine trees huddled over the wide spacious area. The campers quickly claimed their spots.

T, Sharon, and I opted to erect our small tent nearby the lake. We were convinced it was an ideal camping spot because we felt that this area guaranteed less bugs. We hauled our tent that happened to be very similar to this:

As we drove the pegs into the ground to hold our tent, Nicole walked up to us and asked if she was able to join us. We gave that question a pause before answering. The tent we had was really designated for only 3 people, and Nicole was a bit of a tag-a-long. Despite all this, we decided it was not a big deal to include Nicole. 

As the night fell, with our stomachs full from dinner; our unit leaders ushered us campers into our own tents, and told us to have a great night sleep.

Bedtime at 10 pm? Please! We were thirteen years old, thankyouverymuch, and we had a lot to discuss about! 

Luckily, T secretly brought a flash light even though we were told that flash lights were not allowed to be included on our trip. Sharon hooked the flash light on the ceiling of our tent. Pronto! We had a makeshift light in our tent. Nicole announced that she was getting rather tired and wanted to get some sleep. She crawled into her sleeping bag and disappeared under hefty covers. 

I, always the storyteller, wanted to tell T and Sharon a scary story. I began to tell a story of a murder with the hook. I knew I had their full attention when I saw their eyes widen, their heads still, and bodies unmoving. I was nearing the part about teenagers making out in the car, suddenly hearing odd scraping noise outside, and the girl asked the guy to bring her home. The guy, disappointed that he was losing some action, took her home....

"And...they got to the girl's home. She tried to get out of the car, but the door won't open. The boy was like oh whatever, stop being so dramatic, but he was nice enough to get out of the car to go over by her side. It was when his jaws fell open in great horror.......because he found a hook lodged in the door handle!" 

As I signed the last few words in large gestures and let out of a chilling scream to add an effect to the story; T, the only person with some hearing left, heard me scream. She jolted against the tent wall. Sharon rolled her eyes and said with an obvious sarcasm, "Wow!" 

At the very same moment, when Sharon signed, the very same moment as T fell against the tent the very same moment as the flash light began swaying in sweeping started raining...SPIDERS!

Well, to be more specifically... It rained Daddy Long-Legs. 

Sharon shrieked as a peeping tom spider fell into her cleavage. She started slapping herself on the chest. T leaned forward and started brushing fanatically at her hair. I rolled backward, throwing up my hands in front of my face then over my head. We bumped and fell onto each other, shrieking, and hollering. The lump in the corner that belonged to Nicole remained motionless. 

Suddenly, a cold rush of air entered our little torture chamber, and we all looked at the dark figure in front of the tent. I shrieked, partly to surprise and partly due to fear. For a moment, I imagined (yes, here goes my imagination once again) that it was a man with the hook after us. 

The man poked his head in and hunched his body. We recognized his face. He turned out to be one of the unit counselors. 

Hey ladies, mind to be quiet? Here's bunch of Hershey bars and Mountain Dew pop cans for you. 

We looked at each other; free candies and soda?! SURE!

We all grabbed the soda and candies, spiders all forgotten, and signed thank you to the counselor. He smiled and nodded once then closed the tent entrance. We gobbled down our candies and drank our pops. Needless to say, we became extremely hyper. We signed maddeningly fast, shrieked with giggles, exchanged our opinions on who was hot and who was not hot, and gossiped for most part of the night.

Now, was it wise of that guy to give soda and candies to three already very energetic teenager girls at 10:30 PM in the night? Most likely not. But it was certainly one of the most memorable nights for us three musketeers.