Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Must Make A Confession......

I decided to face my nemesis this morning. This had been looming over my head ever since we decided to move. The pile designated for Goodwill grew bigger, and bigger. It was time to haul things over to Goodwill. However, there was still one space that needed to be sorted through...my closet! 

Armed and ready, I entered "No Woman's Land". Getting rid of clothes was semi-difficult, but I managed to toss away items that were no longer in my taste. I felt pretty good with my progression when I turned to the shoes.  

Suddenly, I was bombarded by polka dots high heels, colored high heels, plaid high heels, solid colored high heels, high-knee boots, ankle boots, fuzzy purple slippers, monkey slippers, rainbow slippers, strappy high heels, strappy flats, solid flats, high heeled flats, gym shoes, shape-ups, and oh so many more.

I began the pernicious task by determining which had to go and which stayed. I sorted my shoes into two piles. To my dismay, the pile that had to go to Goodwill was small compared to the mountain of shoes that I wanted to keep. 

So here is my confession............

I am utterly, sadly, desperately, frightfully, unfortunately, incurably, appallingly, and utterly ADDICTED to shoes.