Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Yellow Place

So...the moving day commences! 

Stu absolutely likes this house partly because it's yellow!
And we also have a private backyard which is pretty nice.....
it means a dog in our future!

Our bathroom; it is one of my favorite places already

I absolutely love the living room because of the bay windows!

Our bedroom; it is slightly smaller than our old bedroom, but...
it has windows! 

2nd bedroom that we will probably convert into the office
I am stressed, excited, and overwhelmed all at once. We are still staying at our old place and packing things up. Our cats are beyond antsy because they know something is up but does not understand what is going on just yet. Yeah, I am absolutely looking forward to the day when I have to stuff Mr. Jinxy into the cat carrier. For those do not know Mr. Jinxy.....he has an intense hatred for cat carrier and it represents all bad things for him. I'll have to wear long thick carpenter gloves to just put Mr. J into the cat carrier, and no, I am not kidding. 

On the other hand, Missy will be thrilled to explore the new place, but she might throw up on the way down. She has motion sickness. Fun. One angry cat and other sick cat on the trip down for next week sounds so exciting, doesn't it? 

In our new place, we will have to buy some things to make more room especially in our bathroom. There's no "true" vanity and you know what, I have gazillion lotions that I need to place somewhere! Thankfully, we have a lot of gift cards to Bed, Bath and Beyond! 

I am very excited to decorate our place with adult furniture. I am ready to say good-bye to our dorm type of furniture. I am sick of them, for reals! 

I absolutely love decorating and unpacking so I can organize, organize, and organize the hell out of our things! 

Right now, with the process of packing and all that jazz; we have accumulated over 10 bags that will be going directly to Goodwill or My Best Friend's Closet. We honestly don't need them and we know there are people out there who would put them to a very good use. Some of our old stuff will be going to our friends who needs certain things. So I am quite glad to be getting rid of unnecessary things and replace them with NEW stuff! 

We are hoping to be completely moved in within 2 weeks before Stu start coaching. For next few days, we will be just busy packing, cleaning, and making trips to unload our things. It will be crazy! And it's a good thing that I love craziness!