Friday, July 15, 2011

Una Bella Vita

Changing my last name is not really a fun process. I have been told that I need to go to DMV first to obtain a new driver's license under my new last surname.

However, I had to do some looking up online first to see what I needed to bring to DMV because the idea of showing up at DMV just to be told I had to do something else first prior getting my license renewed did not sound very appealing. It was a good thing I looked up online because it turned out that I had to go to Social Security Office FIRST before going to DMV then rest of everything.

Stu and I already took care of our bank accounts. It was really easy to decide. We kept our personal checking and our joint accounts. The only change we did to our joint account was adding the saving account to it. We wanted to start saving up for a house. It was all good with the bank. Nothing major in that department.
Stu and I mailed our application along with our security deposit for the duplex!

As soon we get the confirmation that it is ours, then I can officially announce that we are moving. Yes, I am superstitious.....and don't want to jinx myself by announcing too prematurely!

Honestly, our married life is not very much different than our "engaged" life. The only change I have noticed is...

is that I have a strange feeling....I feel like I am finally an adult. 

Not that I did not feel like an "adult" before.... I moved out of my home at age of 22 and lived in Washington DC. Then I moved back to Wisconsin, got engaged, and got our first place together. We got through our first year of living together which was filled with ups and downs. It was probably what a lot of people referred as "First year of married life" except the fact of us not being married back then. At least we got it out of the way, ha ha.

I suppose seeing MRS. with my name and having people to call me, Mrs. Ashley Russ made it different somehow.

I have pointed this out to Stu. To my surprise, he said the very same thing while looking at his wedding ring. Like me, he struggled to come up with WHY it is so.

It's hard to explain. If you can explain it better than I can then do share with me!

On a lighter note, I am very excited to announce that Adam (our wedding photographer) has sent us a link to "preview" our wedding pictures! They all look amazing and beautiful. I am so excited to show them off on Facebook once Adam is done with our pictures.

And to add....tomorrow, my little sister (via sorority), Jordan will be getting married, at the very same place where Stu and I got married, at Botantical Gardens. I am so excited to go there and have an "audience" perspective of the wedding there! Of course, I am also excited to see Jordan and Dave and to celebrate their wedding!