Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Is Magical To You?

I am quite excited to announce that we are.... *drum rolls*.... officially moving

We got a phone call from our landlord yesterday and he informed us that we were approved to move into the duplex that we applied to. Awesome!

While moving to a new place is exciting and I'm looking forward to decorating our new place....I must make a small confession, I hate packing! I absolutely hate it. How on the earth do I pack up everything in boxes? We have way too much stuff, I tell you. 

Fortunately, I have already started packing. I sorted everything into three neat piles: one pile to our new place, one pile to goodwill, and one pile to Stu's younger brother, Spencer. I felt like a hoarder from Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC. Nonetheless, our cats have found zillion places to hide especially Missy. 

Missy is infamous on my Facebook wall. I post pictures of her hiding in the most random places ever. I know people really like seeing them because once I stopped posting pictures of her for awhile and I got bunch of private messages asking about the pictures. Ever since, I have been posting the pictures up mainly because it's funny and I like to share good cheer with people! 

An example of what I mean by "Infamous Missy's Hiding Spot" photo
I am itching to get back in the job market. So I am working on updating my resume which is oh joy, so much fun. Meanwhile, it is also so much joy to look through advertising online for job positions. All I have been telling myself is that it will pay off.

We are not the only ones who are brother, Alex, and his fiancee, Girl Alex just bought a house! I am so excited for them! They are also in the process of adopting Boston's "brother" (Boston is a Bulldog; too cute). Boston's "brother" will be a pit mix named Ajax. It sounds like things are going really well for both of them and I am pumped for them. I love good news, don't you? 

Stu and I are planning on going to our local fair and I'm absolutely excited. I love small town fairs. It has this magical feeling to it. It brings out the little kid in me. I don't know. There's something about smelling popcorn, funnel cakes, and hot dogs in the air. The music wafting through the air. The clicks, whirls, zooms, and whooshing from the rides. The smell of barn animals. The cows mooing as they walk through the barn to be shown off by 4-H club kids. Horses stamping their mighty hooves in their stalls. Feeling the hay crunching under my flip-flops. Sinking my fingers into a soft fur of sheep and telling Stu, we gotta get a sheep someday! Hearing pigs squealing (this always make Stu laugh that I can hear the pigs so he takes me there as much as possible because he gets so much joy from watching me saying OMG, did it just snort?!) Eating corn on the cob. Smiling at the young love; young teenagers steal kisses behind the trees. Savoring the cheese curds because oh come on, it's good! Riding Ferris Wheel with Stu at the night. Feeling the music beats as I dance to the evening country songs. 

How can you say that it is not magical...