Saturday, August 13, 2011

An Act Of Random Kindness

I am loving our little flat. It feels more like a home and less like an apartment. It is one of the few reasons why we decided to move into this place. As more days pass by, I continue to find all the little quirks, and it gives our flat many unique characteristics. I have pretty much unpacked and put away things to where they belong. I am still working on interior decor which is something that will take a while to complete, but that's okay. I like ongoing projects. 

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail! Adam sent me the CDS with original and edited pictures from our wedding! I spent almost an entire afternoon posting pictures on Facebook while working on cleaning up my resume. Hey, at least I was being productive! 

I need to find time to sit down and go through the gallery to pick out my favorites then order the prints and start making the "story" book. I can't wait! I'll probably do this tomorrow since I seem to have more free time by then.

I felt so accomplished about my cooking and baking! The other day, I made a beautiful Italian Parmesan Herb  bread and it turned out so good! It stemmed from a dismal failure by using a bread machine. It was a wedding gift that we received, and I decided to use the bread machine. It did not work at all which disappointed me deeply. I even checked online for the reviews regarding the machine to ensure it was not really me who messed up the recipe. It turned out that the bread machine had a lot of negative reviews by its users. I really wanted a bread! I decided to experiment by making a bread from my own hands and see how it had turned out. was amazing! It convinced me that everything tasted better when they were made out of scratch or directly from my hands rather than relying on machines to make us "food". 

From now on, I'm going to continue sticking with making breads from my own hands instead of wanting a bread machine to do all the hard work for me. 

My cats are settling in pretty well. Jolly old fellow (my nickname for Mr. J) has been adjusting beautifully. However, he has been sneezing lately which concerns me a bit. He has not been wheezing or having difficulty with breathing which confirms my thought that he might has an allergy. I am just going to keep an eye on him and see if his sneezing continues. If he is not better by Monday then I'll look up for a vet and have him to be checked out. On the other hand, Missy Girl is having time of her life exploring and finding new places!

Silly cat; she was probably feeling hot so she laid on her stomach to cool off.

Mr. J sleeping
This morning I had a wonderful experience. I had to run to Pick N Save to pick up stuff to make sandwich since my mom and Aunt Ro were on their way to visit. I returned and saw my neighbor outside. He waved me over and gave me several tomatoes from the garden. I was really touched. How kind was that, really! I have been wanting to make tomato soup lately and poof, now I had tomatoes! I thanked my neighbor and parted ways. 

It really affirmed me that kindness was still alive and well in this world. It had been lacking a bit these days and I was beginning to feel disillusioned about people's intentions. Then this happened. It definitely put a smile on my face and brightened up my day! I decided to bake a bread for them as a thank you gesture.

The lesson of day: Pass it (random kindness) on no matter how small the act is; it will make a difference in someone's life, and certainly in yours.

Well I better get going and tidy up the place before my mom and Aunt Ro gets here!