Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall Is Upon Us

Halloween season is upon us! How do I know??

Because my favorite seasonal candy is out. It is pumpkin candies. I literally go through 2-3 bags every fall season. The candies do last until Christmas or mid-January. I am not the only one who is somewhat obsessed with the pumpkin candies. 

My tiger is in love with it too. Mind you, I don't hand it out to him and encourage him to eat it! 

How did I find out that Jinxy liked the pumpkin candy? Last January, I found several pumpkin candies in few hiding spots that Jinxy frequented in our old apartment. They were all bitten on and it was somewhat gross, but endearing, and made me giggle. Of course, I threw the stale candies out. On the following day, I caught Jinxy playing with .... guess what?

The drat cat had a candy in his paw! 

I am really excited because the fall season is upon us. I love everything about fall. I love how the leaves change its colors. I enjoy walking down the street, seeing burst of beautiful rustic colors in the trees, and feeling the fallen leaves crunching under my feet. I love the fall temperature. Not too hot. But not too cold. Just crisp and perfect. I eagerly look forward to canned jars, trips to the pumpkin patches, making pumpkin pies, fall soups and meals, and snuggling under the layers of blankets that I have while watching a scary movie.  I enjoy fall fashion and clothing. My favorite colors are brown, rustic yellow, and dark maroon red and it's colors that we see in the fall! I love carving the pumpkins (Stu and I carved, I think, 6 pumpkins last fall) and  baking pumpkin seeds! Then there's my favorite holiday...HALLOWEEN! 

The only sad thing about fall season is that it passes by so quickly. 

Other positive news....I am in the process of becoming an official volunteer at our local Humane Society, and will be doing some grooming work along with walking/working on socializing the dogs. I am really looking forward to this. The only thing I am slightly apprehensive about is that what if they put down a dog then how would I deal with my feeling of knowing this? Euthanasia is not up in my alley and not something I really agree with. Don't get me wrong; if the animal is in a lot of pain, sick, considered to be extremely aggressive or pretty much will die then yes, it will make sense. I just don't think it makes sense to put an animal down just because it can't find a home.

I just have to insert something I am very passionate about from time to time. You will likely find see some of my posts advocating for animals. Do adopt instead of buying a puppy/dog from pet stores or breeders that you are not very sure about. There are some breeders that are considered to be Backyard breeders which means they DO NOT have experience, means, and education to properly breed healthy puppies or kitties. The backyard breeders and pet stores (that does not promote adoption of rescue pets) are often linked with Puppy Mills. It's a terrible thing, really. So do me a favor; if you are itching to have pet, have stable means to take care of a pet then do adopt. 

Okay, educational time over. Back to my life rambling.

I am considering about selling some of my art. I have been doing a lot of sewing neat stuff, and thinking about turning them into creative art pieces. I will have to do some experiments for time being while figuring out what works and what doesn't work. What makes my sewing pieces unique is that it is associated with zombies! I am very excited about this because I have found an amazing program that allows me to convert pictures of zombies into a stitching pattern.  

The only thing is that I am trying to decide if it is worth the money in a longer run if I purchase a CD program that converts my pictures into cross-stitch patterns or go through online program, Pattern Creator, and I can subscribe for $10 a month while creating as many patterns as I like. It is something I need to look into later and explore my options. 

Here's a fun example of what I just had stitched:

Fun, and creative, right? :) It will be attached to a tote bag. It is still a work in the process. 

I sewed other 2 patterns which were zombie groom and bride, and a zombie taking a chunk out of "work". They weren't pictured because I was unable to find where they disappeared to. 

I'm off to watch STNG DVD that I just had received in the mail today! My inner geek just rejoices at the idea of grabbing a bowl of popcorn, and watch Star Trek Next Generation (I'm torn between being a Trekkie and Star Wars Fan....). 

PS: Stay posted for "It's a Deaf Thing" post coming up soon! :)