Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?

I am absolutely geeked! Let me show you why.... seems that you guys might not be able to see what is exactly on my tag. It says: LEVEL ONE VOLUNTEER. Yes, it meant that I have officially passed my training at Humane Society! You are looking at a dog walker, R&R, and occasional clean-up volunteer...MOI. Basically, it is pretty no-brainer. Just show up, walk the dogs, write or read while sitting with a dog in their kennel (to help expose them to socialization and to teach them not to get too hyper when people come by), and just clean up from time to time. That's level one for you. I am itching to just sink my hands in and utilize some of my grooming skills, but I understand that I need to work my way up. Like everything else in life, eh? 

My training did go really well. I had to ask for one-on-one training because the workshop that was provided last weekend was mostly oral and I didn't have an interpreter readily available. I knew that Humane Society was pretty much funded on grants so they were unable to afford a professional interpreter for four hours. It was ridiculous to ask them to bend that far back when they were hurting for money, you know? Fortunately, Cari, a volunteer facilitator, was pretty understanding and we worked it out. I ended up having one-on-one with an older lady named Arlene.

The training went really well. I learned how to do basic stuff and was shown where specific things were located at. Arlene pretty much got me through everything fast because she knew that I already had a lot of hand-on experience by working with dogs, but wanted me to start working with mild-mannered dogs first, and it was perfectly fine with me. 

I am already looking forward to start volunteering. I am really happy that I have finally started this ball rolling because I have always wanted to give my time to interact with animals especially in shelters, but as a teenager, I have allowed my lack of confidence to hold me back a bit. Then college rolled around.....suddenly, I have had no time to volunteer, and sort of put this off. I guess I let life to become a reason why I don't have time to volunteer. Then I realize....well, isn't life is about making time and contributing what you are good at for the community? So, this is why I finally went ahead, and told myself that my deafness will NOT become an obstacle. Guess what? My deafness has never become an obstacle in this case because of my attitude and persistence to find other way to communicate despite not having an interpreter. 

I would safely say about 85% of the time; people will help me to find a way and make my life easier as a Deaf person. And my sincere thanks for people like them to make world an easier place to live in. 

Do me a favor? If you find yourself feeling unsure, not entirely confident, or have something that kind of hold you back every time you want to try something then just do it! Trust me. You will be glad you did. I know I am.