Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh I did, Girlfriend!

Well.......guess what?

Oh I did, girlfriend!

I had my hair cut today at this cute salon, not even five minutes away from where I live, in the downtown. I wanted bangs with my new haircut, but was not sure if it was going to be a good decision. So I had a consultation with a lady named Winter. No, that was not a mistype. Her name was really Winter. 

We talked it over decided to go for what I wanted. She tied my hair in three parts because it was so ridiculously long. Winter commented on how beautiful my hair was and it was going to make someone very happy to have my hair. Then she took scissors and said, "Are you sure you're ready?" I nodded my hair. She started cutting my hair off. I was very, very anxious. I was thinking, oh my gosh, there is no going back now. Winter took three long, long strands of my hair and put it on the table in front of me. She said, "Well, that's about 15 inches of hair that you have just donated. You'll make someone a very happy person." 

She styled my hair, and gave me bangs. Then she waxed my eyebrows. I always had to wax my eyebrows every time I went in for a haircut! At first, it felt surreal and strange to have my hair so light. I was not sure if I really liked my hair. It just felt so new. Yep, I was overwhelmed! 

I went home and stared at myself in the mirror. Then it hit me. I really liked my hair! 

I am excited about my hair. I am able to accessorize my hair, put it in messy side bun, a bun, or ponytail. I plan on growing out my bangs a bit more. I need to "train" my bangs to stay together (according to what Winter said) by putting a clip on the bangs and leave it there for a few minutes while I prep my hair. Ah, alright. Whatever works.

I might will paint my toenails like this.....
Why not? 

I came home and found that I had a call from a potential employer interested in me! How exciting! I called her back and left a message (the place was closed for the day). I was a bit bummed for missing the call, but at the same time, excited that she actually liked my resume and answers to the questionnaire section on the application. 

Hopefully, I will hear back from her tomorrow! 

Otherwise, I'm still applying for more jobs at vet clinics, grooming shops, kennel boarding centers, office receptionist positions, and ... I think that's it for my job search right now. I feel pretty good with my progression with applying for a job. I have to just keep truckin'!

If I think positive then the outcome will be positive. I guarantee it.