Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Long Update!

I am doing great! A lot of exciting changes have been happening these days. 

Stu and I moved, with help of Spencer and Kaitie Jo, to our new place. Stu and I picked up U-Haul truck last Wednesday. We started hauling stuff in there and made a decent dent into clearing our old apartment when Spencer and Kaitie Jo showed up. They finished what we started then they all went down to our new place.  I stayed behind to clean our old apartment. Oh my gosh, our cats knew something was up because their world was crumbling and changing so they were very nervous. I ended up finding Mr. Jinxy hiding in the tub. Missy was following me around like a Velcro sticker.

It was finally time for me to take them with me to the new place. I grabbed a cat crate very similar to this:

I grabbed Missy first because I knew she was going to be very easy to handle. I simply picked her up and put her feet first into the crate. No problem! Then I turned to Mr. Jinxy. He widened his eyes and slinked on his stomach. I wrapped him in a bath towel and tried to put him feet first into the crate. Nope! He was not having it. He thrashed around wildly and managed to pop his leg through the towel. He ended up giving me a long neat scratch on my leg (MEMO TO MYSELF: DO NOT WEAR SHORTS IN THE FUTURE WHILE PUTTING MR. JINXY INTO THE CRATE). I shrieked and dropped him. Mr. Jinxy belly-crawled to our now empty bedroom. I ran after him, dragging the crate along with me, and my thigh bleeding. I closed the bedroom door and chased Mr. Jinxy around the bedroom for good 5 minutes. Finally, I cornered him. He poofed up and hissed loudly.

Nice try, Jinxy. He realized he had no escape other than to go into the crate. He zoomed into the crate. What a wonderful exercise for me. 

I put them both in the back of my jeep. Mr. Jinxy wailed for first 10 minutes then went silent. Missy constantly stuck her paw through the holes on the side of the crate to reach Mr. Jinxy. I thought it was cute. I had to stop at Petsmart to buy new litter, litter locker (a blessing, really), and litter. An hour and 15 minutes later, we arrived at the new place.

To our surprise, Mr. Jinxy handled the new place pretty well once he realized that our things from old apartment was at the new duplex. He ended up lounging under the large bay windows, exhausted from the ordeal, and did not care that Missy was constantly licking his head. 

In the next following days, we got DISH for TV, and Stu was thrilled. He loved to record wrestling shows and having 100s of channels. Men. Then we set up an appointment for ATT technician to come in and install our internet. We needed a professional to install a phone jack in our office. Okay, cool. 

On the day that the worker was supposed to show up to install a phone jack and internet for us; I got a letter from ATT stating that a person will not come until Monday two weeks from yesterday. I showed the letter to Stu. He was not very happy and made phone calls to the company only to be transferred, put on a hold, and disconnected repeatedly. Poor guy. He got mixed messages and was finally told that a person was not coming until September but we were going to be billed for this month? W-T-F, really!

We said, screw it, and let's do it ourselves. We did; we rigged a phone line from our living room to the office area, and guess what? We got internet! We planned on having this set-up until someone comes to set up the phone jack in our office. Thanks ATT for being amazing, NOT.

I went shopping and got some nice decors for our apartment!

Our bedroom is kinda still messy, but I plan on buying wine colored comforter to match our curtains. Off to the left; there's a large closet and my dresser. 

I love our bathroom! 

I bought beach sand, and used seashells from our honeymoon. 
This is just a few examples though. I want to continue to spruce up our place as time goes by. 

Stu and I are planning on looking at laundry machines this weekend! We want to invest into nice machines so we can bring them along with us when we move into a house and have them to be practical for years to come. Stu wants to look at dishwasher to gauge the price so we will have an idea how much it will cost when time comes for us to get one.

I saw the pictures from my dear friend's wedding, and her pictures were BEAUTIFUL. It made me very excited. You know why????

My wedding pictures are NOW ON THEIR WAY. I can't wait to post them on Facebook and show off! :) 

I like this picture because I feel like "Posh Spice" with my get-up, ha ha ha, and yes, isn't Stu handsome?