Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mine is Sarcasm...What's Your Power?

I am quite exhausted. I have had been packing like a madwoman today. Stu chipped in some, but pretty much stayed out of my way for most of the time. He knew how OCD-ish I can get regarding how certain things get to be packed up. He was nice enough to run and grab us a dinner. He also made a trip to dump all of the trash which was stellar--less crap laying around in our place. 

Right now, our place looks like a war zone with all the mess laying around. Our cats are having a great time playing, zooming between the boxes, leaping across great bounds from one box to other, but they are also throwing few hissy fights. Cats will be cats, right?

We should be officially moved into our new place tomorrow! Hence, I won't have internet access which means I won't be blogging a post tomorrow. Not sure about Thursday either. So I won't be on either Facebook or blogging world for a few days. I hope it won't kill me. Or turn me into a mindless zombie. 

Stu and his brother will be hauling heavy furniture tomorrow. Thank goodness, I have no muscle guns in my arms. None. The idea of me lifting heavy things up stairs? Please unless if you want to see a flat version of moi. So I am quite thankful for my husband and his wonderful brother (truly). 

Me, I'm kicking back and relaxing here at our current place. No, not really. I wish. I will be pretty much cleaning up everything and loading a few more things in my Jeep if the space runs out in our rented U-Haul. 

I'll be taking a trip of hell down to our new place with a sick Missy, and a yowling Mr. Jinxy. This is when my Deafness comes to a great advantage....the yowling will be pretty much muted in my little own world. 

I went to Social Security office today to take care of a few things including my name change! But crap, I forgot a copy of our marriage certification. So I didn't have my last name legally changed yet. Still a Nuter yet. 

I swear, this process of legally changing my last name sucks. I think the government workers enjoy weaseling agony from people. Well, they have officially made on my shit list along with telemarketers, Jehovah's witnesses (not that I have anything personally against them, but they seem to show up at worst timing ever) who comes up to the door to try save me from the brim of hell, and the drivers who likes to drive slooooooooooooooowly in left/ fast lane for the hell of it. 

As you can see, I do have a lot of sarcastic undertone within the words I just typed here, and I will let the picture do its talking. 

Adios for next couple days! By the time I return; there will be amazing wedding pictures to share with you guys, and I'll be in less sarcastic mood, I promise! *Grins*