Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank you, I'll Take This As A Sign

I am thrilled about one thing. I finally have an access to the most awesome website: I now have a full access to geekery items! Especially zombies!

And especially cute hair accessories:

For some reason, at our old apartment, I was unable to have an access to all of my favorite websites including  this one. I guess the computer decided to say, I hate Ashley and I want to ruin her life by taking away her online shopping experience. Fortunately for me, we moved to a different place and did not have any issues with viewing webpages. Viola! I was able to resume my shopping experience.....well, more like window shopping, that was.

I had the most bizarre experience that I have had in a long while. Trust me, I have plenty strange experiences thank to my being Deaf. But this has to top the list of bizarre events that occurred in my life.

Recently, I got an email message from one potential job employer. Excited, I opened my email, and within excitement evaporated.

You want to know why? Here's why:

Dear Ashley,
I am inquiring whether you would be interested in a small acting role in a short pornography film.

Name withheld. 

WHAT. THE. HELL? For a moment there, I imagined that Ron Jeremy was the one that typed the email. Of course, Ron Jeremy did not. But you know me and my imagination.

I sat at the computer screen, slowly blinking my eyes, and wondered if I had somehow misunderstood the email. Hey, I have been guilty of blonde moments in the past. I read it again...slowly and carefully. Sure enough, the guy was asking me to be a porn star in a small film. I furrowed my eyebrows as I checked my resume that I had posted online through Monster Career Search website. Where the heck did I ever typed "qualified to be a porn star" in my resume?! I double-checked my profile on the site. My resume was very professional and clean. I didn't have any picture posted.

Call me paranoid, but I did not want strangers to know what I look like.

I wondered for a minute if it was a prank or a serious request from that person. It did not matter. I was extremely irritated. Only me. This only had to happen to just me. Thanks Karma, Universe, or Spiritual Adviser up there.

I reported the email to security contact/staff, and they sent me an email back with an apology. Then they claimed to "remove" the person who sent an inappropriate email to me. On top of this, they fed me the bull about how Monster website was designed for professionals searching for employees to work for them, but sometimes unfortunate situations like this still can happen. OOOOOKKK-AAAAY. 

I mean, are you kidding me? For real? If it was not for the email sitting in my account a few hours later then I would have not believed that it actually did happen.

But hey, I figure that if something crazy like this does happen then I might as well laugh at this situation and share this with other people. Spread the cheer. Spread the laughter. It's better than sitting here in misery and shaking my fists at the sky while screaming, why me?! 

Needless to say, my job search is not exactly glamorous right now. Fortunately, I am really stubborn....really stubborn. So I'm not giving up. I know I will find a job. Fear not, it won't be in pornography.

Look on the bright side......I had Chinese for dinner the other day and I got this from my fortune cookie:

Is it a coincide? Or a sign that everything will work out soon enough?

I think I'll take the latter.