Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things Falling In Together

I am excited to announce that Stu and I have made our first major purchase as a married couple! And our first major purchase is....

Viola! We got washing and drying machines!
(Note: Our machines are not as cool as this)
We went shopping last evening after Stu was done with coaching at Ripon College. We stopped at Lowes first, but did not see anything we liked. It was either out of our price range or kind of too fancy for our tastes. I just wanted simple washing machines that did its job. No need for all the whistles and bells to go with the washing machines, but that was just me and my thing. We decided to stop at Sears and it was a very good thing that we did! They had a major sale happening and I loved sales. Anyway, we looked around and found a pair for $700. It was originally set at about $950 per machine. To find a pair for $700 together was a killer deal! We decided to purchase maintenance insurance and warranty as well so that did up our price more, but it was still a good deal. Sweet, eh? Then we agreed to have dudes to come in on Monday (tomorrow) to deliver and hook up the machines for us. 

Stu was funny at the store. We were deciding whether we should go ahead and buy them. Stu said, "Well, it is really up to you, Ash because you'll be doing all the laundry, not me." 

The store clerk man's eyes widened and went OOOOOOH, you gonna be in a dog house for saying that! I cracked up laughing over this man's reaction to Stu's comment. 

Stu may have thought I was going to do all the dirty work for him...he's in for a rough awakening, that's for sure! 

Anyway, making a major purchase especially one on sale like that made me super excited! Wow.....that made me sound totally lame and adult-like! Anyway, I really liked our machines because they were energy and water effective which meant they were going to save us a lot on water bill, and also serve the environment in a good way. Go green!

Today has been a blissful wonderful day. It is a beautiful day. Missy has been lounging by the bay windows to enjoy the sunlight all morning. Matter of fact, I think she is still doing this...yep she is. 

On the other hand, my poor boy is still not feeling well. 

He has been hiding under our bed. He is still sneezing and not feeling well. Poor cat. 

I looked up for vet clinics nearby our house this morning and found one really great vet clinic (based on its positive reviews) called Animal Hospital of Oshkosh. It was closed when I called. Then I realized...duh, it's Sunday. 

I will have to call tomorrow the first thing in the morning for our jolly little old fellow, that's for sure. Let's hope it's a common cold or just an allergy. 

You know how people say about those who really, really, really want a baby and how they say that they have been bitten by a baby fever? Well, that's kinda me....but minus the whole baby thing. 

Actually, I have been bitten by a puppy fever. I really want a puppy. Stu and I have been talking about getting a Basset Hound puppy for a long time now, but the timing has never been right with the wedding, and location of where we lived. Now we have a house with a backyard, the wedding is all paid for and done, and I'm looking for a job....the timing seems to be better than ever. 

Just look at his you can not love this?

I looked into Basset Hound breeders nearby and found several that I liked. It made me really want to hop in a car and drive and get a puppy now, but that would have been pretty irresponsible of me to bring a puppy in just based on my impulsiveness. Damn my personality A, and need to plan everything out. And damn my practicality thinking. I feel like the adult me is telling my child me to settle down and wait a bit longer.....that sucks. Why can't I appease my inner child and just get a puppy like now? 

Ack, I really want a puppy!!! And I don't wanna to wait any longer! 

But no. I will be responsible and wait because I know it will be worth the wait.