Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome to My Life

This is pretty much how I have been feeling all day long. Just toss in a headache that won't just quit. Thank gods for Excedrin Migraine medicine because it is the only thing that actually curbs my headaches. Anyway, I have been playing a phone tag with one of my prospective employer for past 2 days. 

I ended up emailing her and told her to just shoot me an email so we can correspond a time slot to be present for an actual conversation on the phone. After that, I ran over to Social Security office and waited fifteen minutes before having my name to be called. To make a whole boring visit more entertaining; I was told that I had to bring in an authentic marriage license in order to change my last name, and to scoot my butt over to the court house in the town. Never mind that I was told a few weeks earlier by the same agency that I had to bring in a copy of my marriage license. Now I needed to bring in an authentic license. Freaking A. 

I went to the courthouse clerical office. The lady there was really nice! She had a pained expression on her face when she  notified me that I had to contact a different clerical office in other town for the marriage license. Seriously. I wasted an hour of my life that I was never going to get back...just to be told this? 

I went home and called a different courthouse. I got transferred to a different person after waiting five minutes, and the person said that I had to drive up all way there to pay in the person. I explained that I had moved an hour and fifteen minutes south and it was not doable. The lady basically said too bad, come in anyway. Geez, thank you for complicating my life. 

Needless to say, I didn't legally change my last name yet.

The job search is going okay. I continue to apply. I still haven't heard from anyone yet. Well, scratch that, I do have two potential employers interested in me, but they need to go through the bureaucratic red tapes before they can confirm an interview. And other one is in the limbo regarding the phone tag game we have been playing lately. 

Fun. Fun. Oh Joy. Stu says that it will take a while for most places to process my paperwork with application and to check the background. Thankfully, I have not been a member of any state prisons. So I am pretty golden when it comes to my background check. 

I am also waiting to hear from Cari, the volunteer coordinator, about my application to volunteer at Humane Society. She needs to process my paperwork and figure out if I am eligible (which I am, obviously). I am not in a very patient mood right now. I keep telling myself, patience, my friend, patience. Good things are coming yet. 

There is two guys working on our house and they are really noisy. It is not helping with my headache. Myth buster time: Just because I am Deaf doesn't mean I can't hear. I do have some hearing left. Don't ask me what percentage. I don't remember my audiogram numbers off top of my head right now.  Anyway, the guys are pounding endlessly at the walls. 

Look on the bright side....there is a movie happening tonight on Chiller TV (one of my favorite channels; it has all great horror movies from 80s to current) called Death and Cremation. By the way, here's an useless fact (I have all of useless facts in my head); Brad Dourif, the bad guy in the movie, is also the voice for Chucky from Chucky movies. Don't ask me how I know this. I just do. Told you, I have a lot of useless facts in my head. 

I am SO watching that tonight at 9 pm.

I like to give movies that are based off from comic books a chance. I am an avid comic reader. I love graphic novels, comic books, and what-you-say. Yep, I am proud of being a fashionable geek blogger. Only if I could get paid to write about geeky things. 

Welcome to my life.