Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Is Job Search So ... Icky?

I'm biting my lower lip, clenching my fists, and curling my toes because I'm not finding this amazing journey in searching for a new job to be entirely fun. At this point, I'm pretty much applying the crap out for different job positions. It is somewhat stressing me out but I have only begun the search, and I am not the type of person to give up that easily. Looking for a new job is a full-time job in itself. 

I decided to find a job that actually involves me interacting with people and animals. I wished I was able to continue grooming at home, but my clients were not going to drive all way down from Green Bay area to my new place, and finding a new list of clients in the new area was not feasible just quite yet. Besides, I really wanted to get my feet back into seeing people everyday and actually interacting with them. Most grooming places I have looked into did not need new groomers just quite yet. I did not want to go with Petco unless if I really had to (bad reputation with that business; once you worked there then your reputation is pretty much stunk everywhere else). So I put Petco on the very bottom of my list as a last option for a job opportunity. 

I spent an entire day yesterday applying to different jobs. I ended up having a glass of wine because it was such a headache. 

Fortunately, I heard from a person interested in having me aboard the team for sale consultation, and our "interview" is set for next week on the 23rd. It sounded like a causal interview over cup of coffee. =At least this was a start, right? 

Always look for the positive in the downside...that's my motto. It's my "fuel" for motivation to keep on going in life. Right now, I just want a job to put food on the table, pay off a debt that I have and pursue further education through animal science for pet-assisted therapy.

I also signed up to become a volunteer staff at Oshkosh Humane Society. I have always wanted to help out with the community, but kept finding excuses not to until now. I talked with a lady, Cari, and she was really excited especially with my given background in grooming and mental health (I know; a total contradiction right there). She told me to swing by this Thursday at 6 pm to discuss about pet-assisted therapy and grooming. 

I'm very excited about this opportunity. It is actually one of my passions; to provide some comfort and happiness in a person's life by bringing an animal along with me, and it's a great ice-breaker to get people feel comfortable with my deafness. When I have a pet with me, people seem less intimidated by my deafness, and they get joy from seeing an animal. I also like to happen share some happiness in people's lives especially if they're senior citizens or ill children/adults. 

I am hoping that once Stu and I get a dog, then I will train the dog to be a pet 'therapist' and we can go to places together. I will have to find a way how to do this though. In meanwhile, why not gain some experience by volunteering through Humane Society? 

I have always been a big believer that things happen for a reason in our lives. I know I am designed to have both mental health counseling degree AND an experience in working with animals. I may not want to counsel people in a therapist environment, but I am glad for the education I have gotten through school. It will benefit me in a long run. 

Today, I spent an entire morning working on Thank You letters for our wedding guests, and got it out of the way. Then I had to purchase more ink for our printer because I wanted to print my resume. I also made a significant decision.....

I called a hair salon today. Initially, I wanted to return to hair salon in De Pere, the same place I had my hair done in past year and half, but I realized why drive ALL WAY up there when I can go to a place nearby? Anyway, I set up a consultation appointment because I wanted a professional opinion how I should have my hair cut. 

Those pictures are what I'm thinking about having my hair done: 

I liked the razor cut but not the bangs
I don't know if I'm THAT
brave to chop all of my hair off! 

I like style but not the bangs
I like the style here,
but the hair is kinda too long....

same idea as JLH;
like the style but too long.
I like the style but
I don't know if it's going to look
good on me. 

Right now, my hair is so damaged and dry. It's gross, really. I have not done maintenance work on my hair in so long hence the reason why it is damaged beyond repair. Besides, it is too long. It is over 14 inches, believe it or not. It is always up in the ponytail  and it feels like crap. I miss being able to style and play with my hair. It's kind of necessary that I have to chop it off, and also, I'm ready for a change. I'm hoping to donate my hair to Locks Of Love if my hair is salvageable. 

So, tomorrow will be a big day for me; hair appointment and a visit to a job center to check out more opportunities to find a job! 

Oh, before I sign off......Mr. Jinxy is feeling so much better! Thank you guys for asking!