Friday, September 16, 2011

Enjoying Fall Weather

Greetings! It is a beautiful autumn day! I love it when it dips below 60 degrees and stays constant between 50-55 degrees. Throw in some warm sunshine rays and you'll see one very happy woman prancing through rustic leaves-littered sidewalk through her neighborhood. Did I mention that I absolutely love fall? Yeah, I probably did. 

Our dog-hunting has been a bit of a frustrating journey, but it is progressing though. Progression is better than being stale and stuck, right?

One of two boys we had our eyes on ended up getting adopted. I was not very disappointed--I was happy that the dog was heading to a good home. The second boy ended up having to stay in Iowa for teeth cleaning and he had been declared "On hold" for pending adoptions. The foster lady was pretty nice to us about it though and promised she would pass on any updates if any new dogs come through her care. 

The little girl dog, Marci, that is a Daschund and Basset mix is in a weird situation right now. I guess her foster mom is MIA. I am not sure why their humane society does not keep better track especially if there are at least 5 adoption applications pending for Marci. I don't think we will end up getting it a feeling. Like every feeling; it could end up being wrong, but most of the time, it does end up being right. Call it a Deaf intuition. *winks*

Lastly, but not the least; BBR (Basset Buddies Rescue) foster organization seems to be the most promising. We are currently put on hold on the list because...don't hate us, okay...we still need to have our cats vaccinations updated. We are rather behind on our cats' update shots. Blame it on our hectic wedding planning and work schedules back then. Plus our honeymoon, apartment search, the move and finally settling down. Fortunately, the cats do have their appointments this upcoming Thursday to get vaccinated. Mr. Jinxy will definitely NOT be very pleased. Missy....she will get over it as long as I bribe her with kitty treats. 

Anyway, once our cats are updated with their vaccination shots then we will be approved to go ahead, and have things start to progress from there. Technically, we will have to wait other week. I'm okay with waiting. In some way, I like anticipation almost better than an actual event itself. It is fun to plan things out, and imagine (again, this is my writer's self coming out) what it would be like, and blah blah blah. 

I will keep you posted about our dog journey as soon as we find out more information from BBR next week!

I am happy to inform you guys that over half of the dogs, at HS where I am volunteering, have already been adopted! It is crazy because I walk into there the other day and see so many signs on their kennel doors to inform us that they have been adopted and need to be back at specific time (that is if we take them out for walks or exercises) for their families to pick them up. It makes me so happy to see them going to good homes! 

I'm sure I will see new faces once I go there in a bit to volunteer. Oh, there is a deaf border-collie mix (new resident). Let's hope nobody will ask me how to deal with a deaf dog just because I am Deaf.....

Ahh...good old RC days hanging out with ADPI sisters watching football! 

Tomorrow; Stu is coaching a football game at RC. I'm planning on going, and check out the game. It will be a really nice day; 60's and perfectly chilled warm weather. I might even bring a mug of Cider Apple drink and enjoy it while watching the game. So how can I skip out on that? 

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm,

PS: Stay posted for It's a Deaf Thing coming on Monday!