Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guardedly Hopeful

A lot has happened since I last updated about our dog hunting journey! Remember that I mentioned a bit about Layla? I contacted JR Hound Rescue group, and didn't really expect to hear anything back from them. Well, on Friday morning; we received an email from the organization stating that we have been approved for a home inspection visit! Since Stu's schedule was a bit crazy; we agreed to have someone to come to our home this morning. Stu was unable to stay for a whole visit because he had to coach a JV football game.

Jean, a representative/volunteer for the adoption screening process, came around 10 am. She talked with Stu for a bit before he left. Then we sat down for a chat. She asked me a few questions regarding our application. Basically, she thought we were ideal for Layla based on our answers. Jean really liked it when I explained to her that our cat litter was located in a small cubby where the dog was unable to enter and that we had Litter Lock (best thing ever) to store the poop in a plastic bag until it's time to toss them out. There was no way a dog can get in unless if a dog somehow develops opposable thumbs! 

Jean was even more impressed when I informed her that we already had a budget set up for a dog and that we had waited for two years before finding a right time to make a decision. Missy even helped to score us some brownie points by chattering and wanting attention from Jean. Good job, Cat. 

45 minutes later; Jean informed us that we were approved for Layla, and able to set up a visit to meet her! All we had to do is select times and inform Jean (already did that) via email. 

It was either going to be tomorrow night (I hope so) or Friday evening. It was the only times that Stu had available out of his busy schedule. He wanted me to go down and get Layla by myself. I wished I was able to, but the foster mom required us both to be there. 

Meanwhile, I was waiting for an answer from Jean about visiting Layla tomorrow evening or Friday evening; I decided to go shopping! 

Cute retractable leash, plain black thick leash for walking,
and two tall dish bowls--they are good for dogs with long ears.'s not your new hiding spot.

Missy was nice to test whether the toy was
suitable for a dog. She had decided it was very suitable
and wanted to keep it for herself. Silly cat. 
I was so excited. I wanted to buy more cute things, but decided they had to wait until we know for sure whether we get Layla to be a part of our family. 

Right now, we have basic necessities and they are enough for time being. Missy loves the crate. She uses it as her own cave. It is really cute how she just saunters in and rests in there. I bet you that Missy will be staying in there with the dog for bedtime. 

Jinxy eyes the crate rather cautiously and loses interest in it after a few minutes. To him, a crate is still a crate. By the way, remember how he nearly sliced my finger off because he had to go in the crate? That. 

I am sorry for so many posts lately. It is just that a lot has been happening and it is exciting. I want to share it with you guys. 

It is a rainy cold afternoon. I am thinking about making a warm soup for Stu to come home to eat tonight. I feel bad that he has to stand in the cold rain for JV football game. I might catch some of Packers game (it's not fun watching it by myself--I like to be midst a company...makes the game more enjoyable to watch). 

I will keep you posted about Layla. 

Have a wonderful footballin' Sunday,