Friday, September 23, 2011

Am I Adopting A Baby Instead Of A Dog?

Happy Friday! I have a lot of things to share with you today. This might turn into a lengthy rambling post, but I promise you will smile and laugh along your reading! There will also be several pictures included and it will stretch out the post a bit.

First of all, we are watching our Landlord's dogs. K and J are getting married tomorrow in GB area. They have 3 dogs--a good practice run for Stu and me, really. I am rather particular to their old dog, a Springer named Lucy. She's a sweet good girl. Also, there are a taco bell chi-wa-wa dog, Toby, and an energetic Black Lab, Jake. The boys are hilarious! They're all wonderful dogs. Because we are willing to watch their dogs until Sunday evening; our cats are enjoying their new gift from LL.....Like they aren't spoiled enough as they already are!

Yesterday, I took our cats to the vet at Animal Hospital of Oshkosh. Oy! What an experience it was!Having to stuff Mr. Jinxy into his crate was not a fun experience. It really sucked. Stu was at work so I had to do it by myself....(the first time I did this was when we moved out and it really sucked too). Mr. Jinxy fought and fought.   He yowled. He bit me. He peed on me, yes--that damn cat had a nerve to piss all over my pants! Then he faked his own injury by crying (I was stuffing him into the crate and thought his toe got caught somewhere, but no....). Finally he did this to me.....Beware, might not be good for someone with a weak stomach:

I was bleeding everywhere. Crap! I wrapped my finger in a paper towel because we ran out of band-aid. Mr. J was sitting in a corner in our bathroom. His yellow eyes wide and his teeth bared as if he was telling me off. Nice. Good job Cat. Really. Finally, I cornered Mr. Jinxy and he had no way out except go into the crate. He cried nonstop the whole way. I had to stop at the gas station to pick up a band-aid. $4.00 for crappy box of band-aid??? What has the world come to!I remember the ole' days when a band-aid box only cost me $2.00. *LONG SIGH* I wrapped not one, not two, not three, but five band-aids on my poor finger because it was bleeding so bad. 

I arrived at the vet clinic and hauled both crates into the front desk. I was panting like a stuck pig and I smelled like a homeless hobo. The pee stain was slowly stiffening on my blue jeans. A bunch of cat fur was everywhere on my now no longer cute black sweater. I sighed and blew the air through my bangs. The receptionist took one look at me and laughed then she wrote, "Don't worry; I see a lot of owners in similar state. You're not the only one. Welcome."

Finally, we met with a vet tech. Missy went up first. She shot out of her crate like a horse at Kentucky Derby. She made a good 5 feet leap to the top of the shelf. If Vet Tech was not there with me then I was pretty sure no one would have believed me. We looked at each other and laughed. Missy stampeded through several houseplants and made a long leap across the gap to other shelf. I smiled sheepishly. The VT smiled and said, "Hey you have an active cat!" 

Turned out that Missy was cleared with a good bill of health. Jinxy was up next after Missy was returned to her crate once her examination was over. Jinxy meowed ceaselessly as he was probed and given shots. Finally, he was weighed. 19.00 showed up on the weigh scale. So.....he was one fat cat and needed a diet of 1/3 c twice a day. Otherwise, he was in good health too.

Here is the kicker....

The vet picked up Mr. Jinxy and returned him to his crate. Mr. Jinxy took a long look at me then went into his crate very willingly. All of my energy left my body and I slumped my shoulders. I asked the the hell did you get the cat in there so peacefully? It took me 10 minutes to get this naughty boy in his crate and look at my finger! The vet laughed and winked at me. I blew the air through my bangs rather exasperatedly and stuck my tongue out at the cat. Jinxy narrowed his eyes at me.

When we arrived home; Jinxy was all over me and rubbing his head on my ankle to show me that he still loved me. Thanks cat.  I love you too. is the update that you all have been waiting for....the dogs!

Barney, one of the two boys we had our eyes on, ended up getting adopted by a prospective adoptee. The other boy, Buddy, which was promised for us to visit, ended up not coming through the rescue organization because he had to stay behind for teeth cleaning. Oh well. 

Marci, the mutt (Basset and Daschund), is still in the limbo.

 Her foster mom was MIA for a while. I contacted the rescue organization to find out what the delay was. I mean, two weeks...Come on, really. Anyway, it turned out that the foster mom was down on her luck. Her 15-year old dog passed away. Her basement flooded due to septic tank damage. A cow rejected her calf and a calf had to be saved (it is very important to farming families to save all female calves because they are the "future" to the family's dairy farm). I understood why there was a delay and decided to back off a bit. The foster mom did email to all of adoptees including us. Guess what? There was 10 people wanting Marci! Wow! The foster mom promised to contact us all and have a decision ready by Sunday. 

I doubt we will get Marci. It is okay with us though. 

Then I contacted other rescue organization about Layla. 

She is still available. It turns out that they forgot to contact volunteers in our area to do a home visit. I admit that I did get very annoyed upon reading this via email. The lady, who emailed us, promises to find a volunteer by next week. I plan on following up with her again if I don't hear from her by next Wednesday. 

Since Mr. Jinxy is now updated with his shots......we can contact BBR (Basset Buddies Rescue) and notify them that our cats are all good. Missy needs her records from our old vet to double check if she needs to have her shots updated. I plan on dropping off her records today at the vet clinic since our old vet is not willing to release them for some reason. It should not be a problem though. If Missy needs her shots updated then I'm sure she can get in by next week and have it taken care of. 

I feel like we are adopting a baby from Korea instead of getting a dog! 

I will keep you posted about a dog....I have a feeling by this rate....we will have a dog by mid-October. But then again, October has always been our lucky month. 

PS: We took Toby upstairs to visit our cats since he has had an exposure to cats in the past. Our cats reacted to him VERY WELL. That really affirmed our decision to get a submissive and calm dog. Yay for our cats passing the dog test! 

Have an amazing weekend and stay warm,


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  1. Love this post! I'm sorry that Mr. Jinxy gave you so much trouble (OUCH!), but I'm glad you saw the humor in the situation and that both cats passed the dog test! I hope that everything works out with Layla! Hahaha, it does sound more like adopting a baby! I'm sure it will all work out in the end, though. :-)