Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Presenting Miss La-La Layla!

Let me start off by saying that THERE WILL be a "It's a Deaf Thing" post this week. Before I forget, it is DEAF AWARENESS week. If you have any curiosity or questions then FIRE AWAY! I won't bite....I promise. It is being delayed for one very important reason. It is because my time is being occupied by newest addition in our ever-expanding family; Layla! She is currently sleeping so I'm going to grab this chance to type up a post.

It has been a whirlwind experience since we adopted Layla. Really. I believe I have already mentioned about Jean visiting our home. So I'll start off from there.

I got an email from Jean later that day asking us if we wanted to meet Layla later that evening. I talked with Stu; we decided...let's go and meet Layla, and we set up a meeting with Jean. We decided to meet halfway at Petco store. We arrived a bit early and waited for Jean. I was really nervous and excited all at once. On other hand, Stu was remarkably calm. Hey, it's yin-yang for us. Anyway, Jean arrived with Layla. We were so excited and decided that she was going to be a good fit for our family. We hashed out paperwork and adopted Layla! How exciting. 

Layla came with a long history of being uprooted and moved to different places. She was originally from Kentucky Humane Society. Layla was scheduled to be put down, but got rescued by a rescue organization. Layla got shipped to Illinois; not sure how long she stayed there before she got transferred to a different organization in Milwaukee. There, she was placed in the foster care for a while. Then she ended up with us! 

We suspected that she might have had puppies in the past because she has larger nipples. Fear not; she did get spayed along the way. So it was all good.

Layla was really nervous at first. She was not ready for us to shower her with kisses and hugs. She didn't know what was going on and why she was being put in a different vehicle. She got a bit snippy and growled a bit. We decided that she needed a space to just allow everything to be absorbed. Also, we found other reason why she was grouchy--she was not feeling very well. She pretty much gassed up my jeep on way back home! 

Layla's foster mom did not give us her favorite toy or blankie or her food. All she came with was her collar and leash. We had no idea what she needed to eat and knew that she was going to be sicker with an abrupt change in her diet. We picked up a small container of chopped dog food (not canned dog food; mind you, but the dog dish with vegetable and meat chunks). Layla had a few accidents in our home--she was in the process of adjusting to new home. She was very anxious and unsure of the new environment. As for the cats; Layla did not care for them and ignored the cats. 

Missy was fascinated and curious about Layla. However, Mr. Jinxy was not. He looked at Layla and turned up his nose. They were able to walk around in a near proximity by Layla. Mr. Jinxy often raised his hackles when Layla walked too close to him otherwise he was okay with her being around. The cats were able to adjust to their new feeding spot in our bathroom (to prevent Layla from going in and eating their food). Layla paid very little attention to the litterbox (whew). 

Layla's personality started to come out yesterday! She grew more comfortable with her new home and often came up to me for attention to be petted. Layla was not the type to go crazy and lick everybody, but she enjoyed snuggling with me on the couch. Her tail thumped every time I came back with laundry (I was doing laundry all day yesterday). I had to go out, after inquiring my Facebook friends what was the best suggestion for dog diet, to get Layla's food. When I returned with some new toys and food; Layla surprised me by playing! Here's a brief video of her playing--I had to run and grab my camera to record her so I only got last few seconds of her..........

When Stu came home, Layla had fun snuggling with him, and we have discovered her new favorite spot to be scratched:

Layla has been doing great. She still needs to work a bit on her socialization; she likes people and dogs, but her confidence is not quite up to the par. I plan on enrolling her in a dog obedience class this week. It should encourage her to feel more secure. We also plan on taking her to a dog park--after she gets her vet check-up before October 1st! I need to schedule her a vet appointment tomorrow after Missy is done with her shots. Hopefully, Layla will be feeling better by then (she still has tummy issues from adjusting to a new diet).

Well, I better take Layla out for a walk...

Have a wonderful Tuesday,