Friday, September 9, 2011

Puppy Hunting

Happy Friday from Missy and me! Missy is currently sitting on top of my computer tower, watching me as I type, and this is why I included her name in the greeting! Anyway, I am pretty pleased with a few things. Stu's car is now down to just $160. We will be all paid off this month with Stu's car! It means we will have extra $XXX amount back every month into our savings. I'm halfway done with my debt too. So it's a good feeling right there. I guess having bills to pay off is being an adult, right? *Long audible sigh* 

Stu is enjoying his new job as a teacher at Laconia High school. Football is keeping him extremely busy. I jokingly say that Stu is having an affair....with football. He is occupied with both Varsity and J-V games on the weekends. This often means I am alone a lot. It is a good thing that I am an introvert otherwise I would have probably gone insane by now. 

Yes it is possible. 
I am please to see that pumpkin pies (not food, mind you, but little pumpkins) are out in my local food store. It means I will stop by tomorrow to pick up several pumpkins to make pies! I plan on giving some away to our landlord, our neighbor, and family members. I am really excited about this.

Stu and I are now officially puppy-hunting! 

We did have our eye on this little cute beagle-lab mix at Humane Society. His name was Elvis. He was a great little guy, but we learned that other family was looking at him. We decided that we didn't have any heart to "compete" with the family to take away the dog from them. The important thing was that Elvis was heading to a good home.

So the search resumes. I have been looking into rescue groups for a Basset Hound. So far, it does look very promising. I already contacted a few foster parents with an inquiry regarding their puppy. Then it was just matter of time to wait and hear from them.

We have decided that we prefer to rescue a dog instead of starting with a puppy. A puppy takes too much work and we don't have a lot of time to invest in training a tiny puppy. Also, to purchase a puppy from a very reputable breeder costs money. We are not made out of gold from the last time I checked! To adopt an older dog costs less money, and the dog is fostered which means the dog is already semi-trained. Giving  home to a dog in a need of a home is a good feeling. Anyway, we are really particular with which dog we are looking at because the dog MUST get along with our cats. If the dog cannot then we will not adopt the dog. Our cats do come first...after all, they are our babies. 

Do stay tuned for our journey of finding a right addition to our family! And also, stay tuned for "It's a Deaf Thing" upcoming Monday!

Have a great weekend!