Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Brings Lovely Things To Us

This past weekend was very lovely. One of our dear couple friends got married in a park nearby our house. It was a perfect, beautiful autumn day. Our friends, M and S, got married under a weeping willow tree next to a lazy river. The leaves fell to the ground...oh so softly...on warm breeze. The sun light fell through trees. It looked as if it was a magical moment. M and S exchanged heartfelt vows in front of a small audience. It brought tears to my eyes. It was just a perfect autumn wedding. M and S love was so profound and beautiful. I was glad to be a part of the wedding. Stu missed his first football-related activity in...probably about 15 years...all for M. Stu was more than glad to be stand up for M and S. The reception soon followed for lunch (yes! it was a morning wedding--very beautiful). I had a wonderful time. We even took small baby pumpkins home with us after the wedding! 

The weather is kind of finally cooling off after an abnormal week of heat (80 degrees in WI during fall, wow). 

Layla is continuing to come out of her shell. Her food guarding behavior is finally reducing mainly because cat food is finally gated off from Layla. She is slowly being able to drop food out of her mouth at command especially if it's food she picked off the sidewalk during our walks! What a progress! Layla is improving with her social interaction with people. Layla is very resilient and wonderful. She has had her moments of being naughty and those behaviors got corrected immediately. Layla is learning what is acceptable and what is not. It is a great sign. It makes me happy to see how far she is coming along. 

Jody, a trainer, is coming on the 24th to work with us. I am relieved that a professional will come in and teach us how to work with Layla. Then the next step would be enrolling Layla into a dog obedience class. 

On Sunday, I made a discovery about Layla's health. 

She has no front teeth between her canine teeth on both upper and lower jaws. 

Let me correct myself; Layla's teeth are worn down to her gums. It is very unusual for a dog that is as young as Layla is. If Layla is much older then I could dismiss this to old age. However, Layla is not  old--she is estimated to be between age of 3-4 based on her canine and molar teeth plus health of her gums. I am not sure why or how this happened to Layla. We may not ever find out full information regarding Layla's past. The possibilities could be:

A) She was used as a bitch at puppy mill to breed puppies. Layla did have a litter or two in her short life. The reason I know this is because she came with her medical records and she was shown to have litter(s) in the past. 

**Puppy Mills are terrible places that does not take care of dogs**

B) Abuse or neglect. Sometimes if a dog is left alone in the crate or kennel for too long then the dog will try to chew the wire on cage to get out. 

C) Poor nutrition and cleaning of Layla's teeth. Excessive wet dog food, human food, or inappropriate food intake can deteriorate health of teeth. 

I did try to contact the rescue organization where Layla came from to get more information regarding her past. Unfortunately, they either did not know or were unwilling to share because I still have not heard from them.

I'm guessing that they probably have no clue either.

Layla has her vet appointment next Thursday. I plan on notifying her vet, Dr. Heidi, about her teeth and see if she is really okay regarding her dental health. If it is necessary, then we will modify Layla's diet to help her eat better even though Layla seems fine with eating right now. She may also need supplement or special cleaning paste to maintain dental health. We will see. 

I am thinking about visiting my family this weekend since I have not seen them since our wedding in June. Layla will be joining me. It will be a test to see how Layla handles a long car trip--not that long, but definitely almost 2 hours drive--and see how she is able to handle new environments. It will be a learning experience for Layla. She will have to learn that even when we go to new places; she will always be safe and will return home with either me or/and Stu. 

Our cats continue to adjust beautifully to having Layla around. Mr. Jinxy definitely knows that he is the boss and stares down the dog if Layla approaches him too closely. It's funny to watch. Missy is a bit apprehensive around Layla especially when Layla barks at something out of the window. Otherwise, she is doing fabulously; we are taking at Missy's pace, and let her explore the situations by herself rather than us forcing her into them. 

This post is getting rather a bit too long. So thank you for staying with me this long and finding out what is new with us! 

By the way, if you are a zombie fan, then stay tuned for this Sunday October 16th and flip on to AMC channel because..... The Walking Dead Season Two is premiering! 

Have a beautiful week,