Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly is what you guys have been waiting update on our newest addition to our family, Miss La-La Layla. She has been adjusting pretty well to our new home. Layla has finally learned, after only 2 days, how to ask to go outside to do her business. Her personality is coming out a bit at time, and it is pretty funny to see what she is like. 

Ever since Layla came into our lives, there has been some changes:

1) Our trash is no longer on the floor. It has to be above the ground because our little snout-sniffer has figured out how to stand up on her hind legs and wrap her paws on the lid of the trash to tip it over. is a photographic evidence of our trash being off the ground:

2) Layla has transformed me into an unwilling morning person.  Ever since Layla came into our lives; Stu is the one who lets her out of her crate every morning when he gets up and he takes her outside to go bathroom. As soon Layla is done with her business and comes back to our flat, she has to make sure I'm also up or she will whine nonstop, and once I'm up, she goes crazy with excitement. It's worth getting up at 6 am for. 

3) Endless Adventures. Between our cats and Layla, we never can say that our lives are boring!

4) Long walks are reserved for pleasure not speed. Owning a Basset Hound means you will have to deal with a lot taking sweet time. Layla certainly does like to walk with her nose on the ground. We walk two times a day; 7:30 am and 5:00 pm in the afternoon. It's definitely nice to wake up with the world and meet random neighbors or enjoying a warm late evening with Layla. Soon, it will be enjoying chilly winter evenings!

While Layla is showing her personality more and makes us giggle with her crazy tactics....there is also some issues that we have to address with Layla. With every rescue dog, you should expect a dog to come with an issue or two that needs to be worked on. 

Layla has been exhibiting some unsavory behavior around food. She is fine with being handed treats. She is fine taking treats from our hands. She is even fine with us handing her a bowl of her food at her scheduled meal times. However, when it comes to cat food; she steals it and goes into a very possessive state of the mind. It is known as food guarding or food aggression. You pick and call it what you would like. We don't like this and do not accept her guarding behavior. Fortunately for us, our amazing vet, Dr. Heidi, referred us to a dog trainer, Jody. 

I am in the process of getting an appointment with Jody, and am waiting for her confirmation. Jody is a well-known dog trainer from a town next to ours. She is very experienced with shy, neurotic, excited, or even aggressive dogs. She looks very reputable and I look forward working with her to help Layla to reduce this unsavory behavior. 

This food guarding is not commonly found among Basset Hounds. They're a gentle breed. However, we must take Layla's history into consideration. We don't know if she ever gone without any food or had food withheld from her. This stems from guarding resources that she needs. Layla still does not understand that we are here for her and her meals will always be provided. 

On top of this, Layla is a very timid dog around people she does not know very well. Again, this is not common among Basset Hounds. We know for fact that Layla has had a poor socialization, and her confidence is not up there. Her insecurity is understandable. It is amazing to see Layla come out of her shell even after just a bit over a week. Layla no longer feel afraid when someone walks past her in the neighborhood. She doesn't cower at strange noises at the night. 

We are planning on enrolling Layla in a dog obedience class after we find out more from Jody as where we should go next with Layla. I have a feeling with help from a professional trainer, a class, and slow exposures to new situations will help Layla to become a well-rounded dog in a long run. Patience is the key in this case. Well, it's a good thing I come with a lot of patience! 

Layla may come with a label of  having EXTRA CARE more than other rescue dogs that my family have adopted. She may require more work than most dogs. She may also take some cash out of my pocket. We may end up learning more about dogs' behavior than most owners. Layla may need extra attention in order to get her become a fully secure, and well-adjusted dog. 

But she is definitely worth the work. How can you look at this cute face of hers and give up? Certainly not us. 

Stay posted for updates regarding Layla!

Have a lovely weekend,

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  1. She is so precious, definitely worth all the work! Can't wait to see more pics and hear more updates! She is lucky to have found such a loving new family in you and Stu.