Friday, October 28, 2011

Have A Spooktacular Halloween

So......this week has been a very emotionally-charged time for us. I am not sure where to start... I might as well spit it out and get this over with.

Do you remember that we had a consultation meeting with a trainer? Let me say this; it didn't go very well, and it left a bad taste in our mouths. To make a super long story short; the trainer we had, was either inexperienced or did not care enough to take on our case, used scare tactics to ensure that we were going to continue training sessions with her. The trainer had a very preset judgment of Layla. She made Layla out to be a vicious evil dog with incurable issues. At the end of the consultation; she simply said that we needed to either return Layla back to the rescue agency or put her to sleep. Naturally, it left us very bereft because we were not sure how Layla came from being a dog with manageable issues to a dog that was unsociable and a danger to people around her. Apparently, the trainer's image of Layla and our image of Layla differed GREATLY.

Fortunately; we had a wonderful group of loving friends, and family who strongly encouraged us to NOT give up on Layla and to obtain a second opinion from a different trainer. We ended up obtaining a different trainer who had more experience, and a willingness to work with us. This time around; we had a better feeling about this person, and finally can look forward to getting right tools to communicate with Layla. 

I could go into more details about why or what the trainer had done that did not meet our expectations. This trainer certainly does deserve some bad review from us. However, I feel that it is simply not necessary for me to rehash all of bad feeling about her and paint this person in a bad light. Who knows; perhaps that woman is good for some people, and happens not to be a good fit for us. The bottom line is that she did not connect with Layla and us. 

We are not giving up on Layla. She is too important to us and I don't think it is fair to give up on her this quickly. Currently, she is no longer allowed on the sofa since she has a need to "guard" the sofa. It is a work in progress. Layla is very stubborn and does not always quite come immediately when she is called to get off the sofa. I know she understands the sign command for come yet she is just stubborn. It does test my patience to be signing COME COME COME COME to her until she finally gets off, and it is a good thing I am stubborn as well. I don't give up until her BUTT IS ON the floor or on her dog bed. Occasionally, I do have to remove her with a leash, and put her in the crate for not listening.On the bright side; Layla knows where her makeshift dog bed is located at and that she knows that she belongs either there or in her crate if she want to rest. 

Since Layla is now no longer allowed on the sofa; the cats have reclaimed the sofa as their personal space, and we humans can't seem to win. It is either dog or cats that will reclaim the sofa. Not us human beings. Ah, a life of a pet owner. 

This weekend has my favorite holiday of them all! I am quite excited to be dressing up and attending a fun party that will be hosted by my little sister, Lauren and her boyfriend, Joey. I won't tell you what Stu and I are going as right now. I will be posting it next week. I don't want to ruin the surprise! All I can say is that there is an old prom dress, and tons of make-up. As for Stu; he will be going as himself (he's scary anyway) BUT with an addition though. That's all I will be telling you right now. 

Then this upcoming Monday (Halloween); LS has invited me to come up to spend the day trick n treating with her children. It will be nice. It has been years since I have accompanied kids while trick n treating. It will be cute to see all children dressing up and going out for candies.

I applied to two jobs in person today. One didn't seem that promising and other did. The job I applied to, that has some promise, was a family-run grooming/kennel business. They had a Deaf employee in the past, and seemed to be unfrazzled by my Deafness. So.....Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Please do stay safe this weekend if you are going to party for Halloween. Get a DD (Designated Driver), okay??? Use protection. You don't want a surprise Halloween baby or STD. 

Lastly, use your head--really. You'd be surprised how many people lose their heads (no pun intended here) during the major holidays. Okay, Mom or Big Sister moment over! Have fun guys! 

Have a spooktacular Halloween,



  1. Thanks Big Sister! :-P Haha but really, the stay safe reminder is always appreciated! Keep us updated on the job and have an awesome time at your sister's party! Can't wait to see costume pics!

  2. Awww angel.
    I am so proud of you.
    All you write, all you process and watching you grow, I feel blessed.
    I am so glad Layla has you in her life.
    You guys are all so adorable.
    Love you <3