Saturday, October 22, 2011

'Net Pooped Out & I'm Forced to Ramble

Whew! It has been too long...our internet pooped out on Wednesday night. I contributed it to high wind we were having at that time. I applied the same excuse for Thursday since it was also cold and windy. On Friday, we finally knew something was not quite right, and Stu called AT&T. We ended up having a tech person coming over today. Viola! The result....we got our internet back! 

Be prepared for a lengthy post with a lot of pictures since I am quite behind on this blogging business. Just a word of warning! *winks* Have fun reading! 

La-La was a great traveler! Layla was unable to decide where to lay and rest on the way down--it took her 15 minutes to really relax and sleep. She had a wonderful time visiting my family. She got along with the boys (Henry and Fiesta) very well--she got nippy with Henry upon introduction to assert her dominance, then they were good after that. My family absolutely adored Layla and told us to come back soon! On the way back home, Layla was an old pro; she just jumped on the front seat and slept the entire way--just see the picture! 

Stu turned 27 on Tuesday! So I surprised him by making Red Velvet cupcakes....yummy! The candles were so cool--they all glowed in different colors, and it was called Rainbow candles. Cool. I wished I was able to take a picture of that in the dark, but my camera battery pooped out. Geez. Anyway, Stu had a great birthday and we went out for a nice dinner! Stu had a massive steak...OMG...and no, he did not finish them all. It took us a week to eat it all though! Stu said that he didn't feel any different from being 26, and I teased him about being closer to the BIG 3-0, and that kind of backfired because he pointed out that I was next. 

I want to make a shout-out to a wonderful sweet person who happens to be my dear friend for many years....THANK YOU JESS AND FAMILY for this surprise in the mail: 

Layla and I went to Petco with our gift. I told Layla to get whatever she wished. she didn't pick out treats. She didn't pick out toys. She picked a pink polka dot coat with a hoodie! Okay...Okay...maybe I picked it out for her since I've made her over 185 dog biscuts. No worries; over half of the treats went to my family pets because there was no way that Layla was going to be able to eat all of the treats! She was just like can take a girl out of 'Hetto but you can't take 'Hetto out of the girl! 

Instead of looking mortified and giving an expression of SWEET BABY JESUS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME (for those who are Will Ferrell fan, you should know that phrase from one of his movies); she was a good sport, and waited at the door with her brand-new coat. Yep, that's right; I've got a styling dog! 

Yesterday was an exciting happy day for me. It was because I got something in the mail...again--the odds of getting nice stuff in the mail twice in the week was about to make a girl happy, right? I ordered a special dog bowl for Layla. The bowl was designed for dogs that literally inhales their food. 

For those who own dogs with large barrel-type of chests; they all acknowledge the risk of a dog getting BLOAT (click on the word bloat--I have linked it to a good article-- if you want to learn more about this condition), and it is a very fatal condition. Only a few dog survives from this. 

Anyway, Layla ate way too fast for our comfort, and it put her at an increased risk of bloat. I ended up doing a bit of research on appropriate method to reduce this problem, and learned about BRAKE 'EM bowls. It was designed to have the stoppers in middle of the bowl to force dog to eat around and slow down their eating. I got a cute bowl for Layla. 

Sure enough, the bowl was a success! Layla went from eating 30 seconds to 3 MINUTES. I was very impressed. Layla wasn't. We all knew it was good for Layla even though she was a bit unhappy to have stoppers in a bowl to prevent her to fully grab food in one gulp. 

Jody, the trainer, is coming on Monday to meet with us and teach us how to communicate effectively with Layla while working on her issues. I am a bit apprehensive about it even though I know it is for the best. I will keep you all posted about the meeting. 

I will sign off by leaving you with a few pictures that I have taken with my camera. I have been experimenting a lot with close-ups, angles, photoshopping, and applying techniques to picture-taking. I am no pro at this, but this is fun to document our lives through pictures, right? I am hoping for a really nice fancy camera for Christmas or my birthday. We will see.......

Have a stellar weekend,