Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling Lucky

Notice something in the picture?


Here is a close-up.....

Layla managed to sneak past empty laundry baskets and plopped her 40-pounders butt on top of our sofa. She figured that it was okay to sit on the sofa when no one was around to watch and prevent her from trying. Of course, she was already aware that she was not allowed on the sofa, and often can be trusted to leave alone in the room. More often than not, she preferred to lay on her dog bed, but on some days....temptation was just too unbearable for her to resist....such like this morning. Stubborn Basset that she was. 

I wonder who taught her that it was okay to sit on top of our sofa? Looking at Missy Girl.........

Good news about Layla; we got an email from Kristin, and she had a wonderful message to share with us:

Greetings Ashley, Stu and Layla- 
Thank you for inviting me to your home to help assess your concerns with Layla. She seems like a sweet girl who could be easily managed in a calm,predictable household. I enjoyed getting to interact with her.
Sweet! The assessment report that was attached to her e-mail carried even more good news. We received many training tips to work with Layla, and we gained better understanding regarding her triggers. We felt less uncertain about being an ideal fit for Layla. 

Even more good news....we took Layla up north to the Farm. She loved it up there! She enjoyed scouting new scents around the woods and pasture. She especially enjoyed all the attention that was being lavished on her especially from our nephews and niece. We breathed sighs of relief when we saw that Layla interacted with kids beautifully. Of course, like every dog out there in every American household, she had to be supervised with kids until she gained our full trust to be around with the kids alone. 

Stu's family loved Layla. They laughed at her dopey facial expressions. They enjoyed taking Layla for walks. Layla especially loved our niece because she often had food smeared on her lips and Layla gladly cleaned up her face. Layla had her naughty moment though. She liked to jump on the kitchen table to scavenge for food. Fortunately, Mike and Bobbie were good sports and laughed at this behavior while I took her off the table. Silly Bat Girl. 

Bat Girl is improving, and is fitting into our family quite nicely. It makes us quite glad. I guess Layla is a good fit for us after all. I'm sure glad that we did not give up on her. 

On a lighter note, Wisconsin weather is such a finicky mistress. I associate November and December with first snowfall and having the snow stick to the ground. Unfortunately, the snow melted within two days after the first snowfall last week. What I want does not always merge with the weather. I miss the snow already which somewhat surprises me. I am not a snow person...but to get into holiday cheer...we can't have Christmas decor up without any snow outside on the ground, right? Well, snow or no snow; I'm going to put up Christmas decorations this weekend, and have our house ready for a Christmas tree by first week of December. Also, I plan on printing our holiday letter. I hope that I will figure out how to correct a problem with discoloration during printing. Time to bring out my tech guns and get this business down soon! 

My hubs is wonderful and I absolutely love him.

I was not having a great day yesterday--you know how some bad days gone bad, and everything kept going wrong? So my lovely hubs took me out for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (our favorite local haunt) & ran into our friends! It was a nice surprise. It was funny; we spent the night before with them to watch the Packs game. By the way, Packs kicked Vikes' butts! Sweet! Anyway, it was great to be able to say this, even after 7 years, that my hubs is one of my best friends. 

I also found a wonderful quote to keep me going through not-so-lovely days like yesterday; Life doesn't always work out the way you want it, but it does turn out the way it is supposed to be. 

How true is that. 

I am a lucky woman to have a beautifully chaotic family with our dog and cats, a great hubs, amazing family, 

and loving friends. 

Embrace and give big kisses to people you love,