Thursday, November 10, 2011

♪ ♫ It Is Snowing ♪ ♫

Yesterday, I looked out of our window and saw gentle floating snowflakes falling to the ground from the sky. Marveled, I stood there with a steaming cup of coffee in my hands as I watched the serene setting unfolding before my eyes. A warm fuzzy feeling started to spread inside my chest from my stomach. Softly, I began smiling. 

It is once again the time of the year in Wisconsin when you gaze out of your window to find beautiful winter land stretching beyond your eyes. It's time of the year to bring out Egg Nog, apple pies, green garlands, prepping your rooms to become into cozy winter home composed of white Christmas lights, take out your favorite thick blankets, and throw in holiday movies.

It's time of the year to pick up special flavors from Starbucks. It's time of the year to compose a holiday letter to send to your loved ones. The best part is... ♪ ♫It is snowing ♪ ♫ .....

It is a happy time of the year, don't you think? We feel hopeful about so many things.....out of them all to feel hopeful about is Layla. 

Yesterday, we met with a different trainer, Kristin, to discuss Layla's prognosis. The meeting went better this time, and Kristin was very engaging with us. She listened to us, gave us tips, and suggestions as how to manage Layla's issues. Kristin saw what a good dog Layla was, and felt that Layla's prognosis was better than what it was originally thought to be. However, Layla would always need strong owners and have her issues to be managed to ensure a confident, secure dog in our household. Overall, it was a good meeting with better result. 

There will always be unknown with Layla especially with the fact that we don't know her full previous history before we got her. Will she be great with a baby or a toddler? We don't know. Will she ever feel comfortable with many guests in our home at one time? We don't know until time comes. Will she ever become completely secure? Probably not. Will Layla be able to have her food scavenging issue resolved? Probably not, but it can be managed. Will Layla be able to heel better during her walks? Definitely as long as we work with her and incorporating positive reinforcement with treats. It is possible that we may have to crate  or separate her from time to time during social events involving food at our house. While, this is not necessarily ideal for us because we want a social dog that is fully comfortable with this kind of situation, but it is definitely not end of the world to have a dog that is closer to being a Marley than a Beethoven. 

Armed with more tips and education; we felt more prepared to how manage Layla, and became more confident with our decision to continue working with her. As for this time; we have decided to keep Layla a bit longer, and implement training with Layla to see if she can improve or at least stabilize with management from us. Then we can re-evaluate how far Layla can get and go from there. 

If Layla ends up not being a right fit for us in the end then we are going to do everything to guarantee that she will be placed with a right family with kids over age of ten or adults-only family. Fortunately, Kristin is very willing to help us out to ensure Layla will get the best outcome that she deserves whether it is with us or someone else. We hope that Layla can become a permanent addition in our family, and will work to achieve this. 

Yes, it is something we do feel hopeful about, and Layla has been very responsive to the training tips we have been using with her. Like I always say, what matters is the progression......not perfection. 

This morning; I found this little guy laying on the bath mat while I stepped out of the shower, and I suspected it was because he wanted to stay warm! Silly jolly Jinxy boy. 

Stu is officially DONE with football season for the year. While Stu is a bit sad to have football season to end; he is happy to get extra time to focus on teaching and spending time with the family, and has been talking about deer hunting soon. Let's hope he gets a deer this year! 

Holidays.......bring it on! I can't wait. 

Have fun playing in the snow this weekend & stay warm,