Friday, November 4, 2011

Must We Wait?

How nice would that be to have a toilet paper on top of your head. You can just grab a piece of tissue then blow your nose on it. It would be very handy especially during time like now. Stu and I are sick with cold. It is Stu's fault. He must have picked it up from one of his students then ultimately giving it to me in the end. I am trying to overdose on Orange Juice, and take cold medication to clear up the foggy world I have been living in for past day and half.

Bat Girl has been doing very well. She has finally learned that she is not allowed on the sofa unless invited. Bat Girl does seem very receptive to the sign commands that we have taught to her. She is able to go into her crate with simple flick of my wrist. The new trainer, Kristin, is coming next week, and I am already having a very good feeling about her. On the other hand, Bat Girl is in for a big surprise. 

Right now; she is sitting next to the shelves that holds microwave because she knows that her bacon treats are on top of it, and she has been wanting it really bad. Nope, Bat Girl, nice try for attempting to guilt your doggy mom into giving you a treat. 

Stu and I have had a GREAT Halloween. We went to Lauren and Joey's place for a Halloween bash. Oh, it was so much fun to just chill, play card games, and relax. Stu and I went as zombies. Luke went as a Green Power Ranger (Ah, what a lovely memory of early 1990s). Lauren and Joey went as characters from Super Nintendo brothers (Peach and Mario). 

On Monday--Halloween Day--I went up to visit LS and her two adorable children. We went Trick N Treating together. It was a fun time because I haven't gone tricking n treating in so long. I realized that I had missed it....I missed the sight of children and some parents dressing up, the electric feeling in the air, the sky darkening while kids prance in their costumes to wary away the ghosts, and ... I guess it was just the feeling that I missed. It was a nice evening that I spent with LS and her kids. 

During the week; I got my new videophone and I was absolutely thrilled! My new videophone (VP) ran off wireless router, and I was able to bring it from one room to other. I loved being able to do this because it sucked to have an old one since it was connected to the land line meaning I was unable to go anywhere else when people called me. Anyway, I have been playing with my new phone by calling my friends and having  lengthy chats. 

Stu is also happy that his football season is coming to an end. He is a bit sad to have it to end because he really loves coaching, but at the same time; he is looking forward to having more free time to visit our family and do other things. His final Varsity game is this Saturday. Then he is officially done for the season!

I am very excited about Christmas coming up. It will be our first married Christmas together. Tacky, I know, but I am excited. Plus, we might can get a REAL tree this year! I am itching to decorate our flat with Christmas stuff, but It is only November 4th. It is kinda too early, don't you think. Plus I'm not sure if Turkey would appreciate Santa taking over his holiday....

Have a wonderful weekend,