Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So What We Have Been Up To Lately

It's time to get back in the swing of things and start up blogging again. I think I have finally gained some of my energy back from the holiday madness and life in general. So my apologies, my dear readers, for lack of posts lately! Fear not; this blog is up and running starting ... NOW.

Let's start with an update about our little Turkey or Bat Girl, depending on my mood is on the day of, who happens to be Layla.

Layla has been remarkable these days. She no longer attempts to nip, and seem to have finally gotten comfortable with being at home with us. Her food aggression/guard resourcing is nearly non-existent now mainly because we have been managing it. Her dog food is stored in a dog bin in our pantry. Food bin is good for any dog, really, because it stores nutrients and keeps pests out of their food. She knows to wait at the very edge of the kitchen hallway when it is time for her breakfast and dinner. She waits until she is called on command to eat. Layla does great when we have guests over and when we have food laying around (supervised, of course because she will counter surf and try to steal food). Layla gets along with kids just fine--when she feels that she has enough then she walks away to curl up on her little spot. 

Layla absolutely loves something new that we have introduced to her recently! It is a dog park! She loves it there. She enjoys the freedom of being unleashed and being allowed to run, run, run as much as possible. It's a joy to watch her there. When other dogs try to interact with her; she has a tendency to ignore them and walk away rather than growling at them...which is an improvement. We hope to continue socializing her and see an improvement in how she reacts to other dogs in an environment like this. When it comes to our family  and friends' dogs; she gets along with them pretty well, and it is how we know she is capable of being better with stranger dogs. 

Occasionally, we catch her on the sofa which is a forbidden area for Layla, and we are able to remove her  safely with our hands since she no longer growls and nip at us. It is a growth of trust on her part which is pretty cool. 

It has been about almost 6 months since we have gotten Layla, and we continue to see her grow under our care and love. It is an amazing thing to witness a transformation from a scared dog to becoming more confident and happier dog. 


As for our cats; they are doing great, and they are getting a bit too chunky. So they are on a CAT DIET. I can tell that they don't like their new diet because they no longer scarfs everything in their bowl. Ha ha ha. The cats get along with Layla especially Missy--they chase and tease each other. It's funny to watch them play. Mr. Jinxy is more of a reserved cat and isn't as interested in playing with neither of them. Layla and Missy have accepted this about Jinxy. So they're good. 

Stu and I are doing great. Our newlywed life is nothing really drastically different than our lives before we got married. People say that the first year is always the hardest....hmm....where is the hard part? There has been moments where he does drive me batty, and know me, I never drive him crazy. I'm always good...yeah right! Ha ha. Stu just started grad school and I couldn't be prouder of him. So anyway, we just hit our 6 months anniversary since our wedding! It means in other 6 months; we will be married for one whole year...holy crap! Time flies! 

My birthday is coming up in a week from today! I'll be 27. No, I'm not one of those people who are gun-shy about their age....I think aging is not a bad thing, do you? I just don't post the year of my birth on Facebook due to hackers and blah security. It's just a common sense, you think? Anyway, some of people, you know who you are, has been teasing me about approaching my 30s. Geez whiz, thank you for that kind reminder. But really, I'm cool about being a whole year older. I don't know what we will be doing for my birthday--Stu probably wants to take me out for a dinner, and I find myself not really caring what we will do for my birthday...maybe it is part of aging....birthdays are just ... other day in our lives. *winks* 

I'm really excited because my family chipped in together and got me a SWEET camera! I got Canon Digital Camera (the amateur one, mind you; I can't handle a pro-journalistic type of camera yet). I've been taking a lot of pictures and practicing with my new camera. It's a lot of fun. 

So be ready for a lot of pictures in the future! 

Stay posted for next week! And yes, I'll be blogging next week....I promise!