Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, I love you.

It is one of my favorite holidays....Valentine's Day! I just happen to absolutely adore the good-feeling that comes with Valentine's Day. I especially even so adore Target during this time of the year because most of my favorite colors are out--red, pink, white, and all that cute shazz.  To celebrate this lovely holiday; I am going to share with you one of my favorite stories (and Stu's too, actually).....about how we met! 

I was a transfer student to Ripon College during my sophomore year. I ended up in one of Stu's education classes. At that time, I was pretty much taking both psychology and education courses because I was curious about how education system worked and how it impacted students in general. I've always been interested in knowing how cogs and wheels worked in the system of education and how it eventually impacted Deaf students. 

I was sitting in front of the classroom when this guy walked in. I barely paid attention to him. After all, I was brand-new at this new school and I was nervous/shy about meeting new people. 

Stu walked in and he saw me. At the same time, he saw this woman sitting in front of the classroom, and he assumed the woman was our class professor. He quickly brushed himself up to look neat and nice because he thought that I was a pretty girl and he wanted to impress me. After all, first impressions meant everything, right? He was also feeling pretty good because he was working out, lifting weights, and starting as a linebacker on Ripon Hawks Football team. Stu smiled and said hello to me. Unbeknownst to him, I am Deaf. Of course, I did not hear him and did not reply. Stu brushed off that rejection as coolly as he could and thought to himself, What a snob (I cleaned up the language; he may have used the word that rhymed with witch). He went to sit in the back of classroom as far away from me as possible. 

Suddenly, he saw other woman walk into the classroom. This woman announced herself as a professor. Stu was confused....who was that lady sitting in front of the classroom? He glanced over to that woman and saw that woman moving her hands. The professor asked me to come up in the front of the classroom to introduce myself and explain how an interpreter worked. So I came to the front of the classroom and introduced myself. Stu claimed that at THIS VERY MOMENT, he knew he wanted to marry me because I had lighten up the room with my aura and smile, but he had to learn my language first. 

A few weeks passed without anything really happening. Then our professor asked us to split up in smaller groups to work on projects that reflected our majors. I looked around. I did not want to join the math group. I did not want to join English group even though I liked English. There was no art group. There was no creative writing group. The only group left was a sociology/history group, and I thought it was the best group out of all...besides, I had liked history. I had almost majored in history during my freshman year. Sure enough, I picked that group....and to my surprise, there was this guy named Stu in the group.

I was quiet for the most part during the discussion. When it came for us to brainstorm ideas and put them on our papers; I struggled because my interpreter kept getting lost in the translation and everybody were talking over each other. I was getting frustrated. Stu saw an opportunity to impress me. He took my paper and started writing down the information I needed to submit to our professor. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. My interpreter giggled and signed, he's flirting with you!!!! I shot a glance at my interpreter--a look of Oh hush, don't make it obvious! My interpreter giggled once again and I blew air out of my mouth. 

Later that day, Katie, one of my close friends, came over to my dorm room, and I told her about Stu. Katie giggled and I asked her not to say anything to Stu. Katie promised.

Of course, Katie didn't keep to that promise.

Katie ended up slipping a piece of paper to Stu when Stu came up to Alpha Delta Pi table to purchase carnation flowers for a charity. Stu read the note and saw that I had liked him. It made Stu felt really good because he had a major crush on me from day one. After lunch was over, Stu approached Katie and asked her to tutor him in Sign Language, but told her NOT to say anything to me about the tutoring session. 

Stu and I continued to hang out for a few more weeks. We wrote back and forth on our little notebook (Yes, I still do have that notebook somewhere in one of my boxes). Katie gave me no indication that she was secretly tutoring Stu. I had absolutely no idea. One day, Stu asked me how to sign Hello Beautiful. I taught him. He ended up saying that to me all of the time...in the hallway, in lunch, in our classroom, and every time when I visited him at Phi Delta Theta Floor in the dorm.

One night in October, Stu came to my room and wrote in that notebook of ours and told me to be nice to him because he wanted to try something. I was puzzled and said okay. He put down the notebook and lifted up his hands. He signed, Would you go to the formal dance with me? I said YES. 

And rest is the history...............Here we are 7 years later; married, and our little baby on the way. 

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  1. Ashley,
    I really enjoyed reading this. I remember when you two started dating and thought it was so awesome that Stuart was working so hard on learning sign language. You two make a great couple. Congrats on the baby! You will be a great mommy!

    Lindsey Kreye