Friday, February 3, 2012

Russ Bump Watch Commences!

(Feel free to click on photo to enlarge it to read the words better)

How Far Along: 11 weeks! 

Total Weight Gain: steady at 6 pounds. 

Have you Told Your Family/Friends: You bet! It's official now! 

Maternity Clothes: Yep, especially the yoga pants. Love 'em. If I have to wear blue jeans then I'm sporting pregnancy belt. I'm not quite ready for maternity blue jeans yet.....too stubborn for that! 

Stretch Marks: None! *Fingers crossed* I lather the crap out of Palmer's Coca butter on my belly and hips. So hopefully, it'll keep the stretchies at the bay! 

Sleep: Could be better, but I'm not complaining with all the naps I've been taking lately. Even if I cut down on water before bed; I still get up at random hours to pee and wake up from strange dreams! 

Best Moment This Week: Breaking the news about Baby Russ on my birthday! Getting my energy back...slowly and surely. And I can kind of say BYE BYE to morning sickness. 

Miss Anything: Eating anything without getting a heartburn! Seriously. 

Movement: I keep thinking I feel fluttering but it's probably gas. Bummer. 

Food Craving: Hard boiled eggs, avocados, and fruit smoothies. And ...yeah MEAT. I think I'm becoming into a cave woman--gimme meat!

Anything Making You Queasy/Sick: Prenatal vitamin--it keeps on triggering my headaches. Boo. Being tired triggers my headaches. Being too dehydrated...headaches. Being too hungry...headaches. See the pattern here? Otherwise, morning sickness queasiness is going away!

Have You Started To Show Yet: I have a small bump. My stomach is no longer flat. It's not very noticeable enough for everybody to say PREGNANT LADY OVER HERE.

Gender Prediction: A BOY!

Belly Button IN or OUT: INNIE.

Wedding Ring On or Off: Definitely on. If I don't drink enough water then it's hard to get my ring off. 

Mood: HAPPY! 

Looking Forward To: Being WEEK 12! Feeling Baby Russ's heartbeat on the doppler machine at my doctor's appointment next week!

For those who would love to check out earlier belly weekly pictures; it is from my other blog called Expecting Baby Russ. This blog is more baby-oriented and frequently updated. I don't want to convert this blog into just a baby-obessed blog and would like to keep this blog balanced with baby update, Deaf Thing posts, dog updates, and Life babbles. So feel free to check out the links down below and visit that blog if you wish! 



  1. The strange dreams: I've heard that NOTHING will rival the weirdo dreams you'll have while pregnant. Good luck with that, and tell us some of the funny, dreamy details!

    1. ha ha ha ha. So far, it's just weird incidents. Like at 3 am, I woke up from dreaming about a gym instructor telling me that I can't work out until my baby is roughly a size of a watermelon. It was just so weird. :)