Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am pregnant!!

This came to us as a big surprise. It was quite unexpected yet expected.....yes, that was a total paradox, but that was the only way I can describe it. I was feeling SUPER TIRED. All I wanted to do was sleep. It was getting harder to get up with Stu early in the mornings. I often waved him away and signed incoherently that I wanted to sleep in a bit more. Me being a huge coffee lover, I suddenly noticed that I was unable to taste anything from my coffee cup. It tasted bland no matter how strong I brewed my coffee. The creamer made it somehow worse...tasteless, bland, and terrible. Then nausea hit. It was a queasy sensation that crept up on me. The multiple symptoms began to appear as the weeks progressed.

On December 10th, I confided to a friend, who have been knocked up twice, about all of my symptoms. She laughed and said, o yea, you are pregnant!

No, I can't be pregnant, I replied.

But that instilled some doubt in my head.

So I ran to Walgreen's. Grabbed the first pink package I saw and ran out of the store..well, after paying for it, of course!

Sure enough, there was a faint second line! I was not satisfied with that. On the next day, I took other test. Positive. Later that day; positive. The third day; positive and positive. A week later, it was still a positive.  Hell, I probably had cleared the entire pregnancy test on Walgreen's shelf.

I ended up with the total of not 3, not 6, not 8, but 10 positive tests when it was all said and done by the time we saw the doctor! Here's a photographic evidence....I spared you of all 10 test sticks though......

 Okay, now it was a good time to let my hubs know.......

December 11th: Stu was in a great mood. He went to Packers game. They won. He had a great dinner with his friends. Stu said that it was the best Sunday he have had in a long while. I thought to myself...well, the best is yet to come! He came home and saw a chalkboard on the wall: MERRY CHRISTMAS DAD.

The board was located above Layla's dog food bowl. Stu turned to me and said: thanks, Layla, while thinking the chalkboard was a gift in itself. I insisted that he should take a closer look. He did. Saw nothing. Looked at me in confusion. M'kay....he was not getting it. I pointed at a positive test stick. He looked at it.....looked at it...looked at it for what it felt like an eternity. I pointed at a bag which had additional 3 tests. He took each out.....his legs grew knobbly, and he fell down to the floor. Yep, he fainted...for a moment. Fortunately,  Stu did come around and was absolutely thrilled!

The next day, I called the doctor and set an appointment for January 11th. Man, the wait really sucked! That was how I ended up with 6 more tests...just to make sure I was still pregnant because it still felt unreal to us. 

On Christmas Day, we really wanted to inform our families even though I hadn't had my pregnancy confirmed by my doctor. Stu thought it was going to be a really cool Christmas gift...and we may not have that chance to announce about our little Russ's arrival on this special day in the future. So....we told our immediate families about our newest arrival on the way, and everybody were beyond excited for us. It was really adorable how my parents reacted since they were going to be first time grandparents!

 My mom flipped out, screamed, cried, and clutched the doll against her chest. Yes, we gave a baby doll to my mom as a present. Then we went to my dad's and broke the news to him. It was funny because I had to repeat myself several times that he was going to be a grandpa. For some strangest reason; he thought we were talking about having him to go to my grandpa's house. Then it hit him that he was going to be a grandpa!

Stu called his parents and notified them. They were more laid-back compared to our parents. For them, our kid was going to be their grandchild number 4! Nonetheless, they were really excited for us. We had a good laugh about this because a bit more than 6 months ago, on our wedding day, our nephew, Griffin, had said that he wanted a cousin! Stu told him that he wasn't going to have a cousin that soon....and how wrong Stu was! 

After a long wait; on January 11, Stu and I went to the doctor's to confirm my pregnancy, and sure enough, we got to see our little Russ! Our little baby's heart was fluttering like a butterfly and moving around on the ultrasound screen. I was told that I was right on the target ... 8 weeks 2 days! 

It turned out that our little Russ is due on AUGUST 20, 2012! 

Boy, 2012 is going to be a really fun year for us! 

Stick around and find out more soon,