Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Tender Moment

Today, being a very beautiful day, I decided to take Layla for a nice long stroll around the neighborhood. Layla was in her spunky wild mood--walking in zig-zag way, and stopping to sniff at every pedestrian that walked past us. Layla barked at every dog she saw. She buckled on her rear legs and waved her front paws--straining against the leash while barking at other dogs. With some persuasiveness and gentle reminder with her training; Layla settled down a bit and went ahead with our relaxing walk. 

About half way into our walk; we approached an elderly couple holding their hands, and they were smiling at each other. I prayed for a moment that Layla would behave herself. The idea of spring-crazed dog jumping at an elderly couple and possibly knocking them off their feet made me cringe on the inside. Layla's brown eyes glanced at me and I quickly shot her a look of BE good, dog. 

The old man stopped a foot from us and gently touched his wife's elbow. He bent to her ear to mutter something. Layla continued to stroll in her relaxed manner. I was thinking, okay, we are almost past them and nothing crazy will happen. 

The old man asked me as I was right in front of him if he could take a moment to pet Layla. I nodded my head. He asked me something that I did not quite catch. I pointed at my ear rather apologetically to show him that I was Deaf. I silently scolded myself for not having a small notebook on the hand with me. The old man shook his head rather understanding and smiled at me. He patted my hand and gave me an okay sign. Layla sank onto her hind legs. Her tail thumping softly against the cement sidewalk. 

The whole time, I wondered why the wife was not very talkative or animating. She stood there the whole time, holding her husband's arm, and her eyes were unseen behind her dark sunglasses. I figured she was probably not a dog fan. Layla was being a really wonderful dog the whole time and it made me proud. The old man bent to his knees and gently removed his wife's hands off his arm to move her hands toward Layla's head. 

He kept his wrinkled hand on his wife's while moving her hand to pet Layla's head. The wife began to smile a very radiant smile. The old man looked up at me and pointed at his eye and shook his head then pointed at his wife. It hit me. The wife was blind. 

The old man stood up while helping his wife up to her feet. He waited while his wife had a good stance and balance while holding to his arm. The old man turned to me and bowed his head to thank me for giving them a moment. He pointed at Layla and gave me an okay sign as saying Layla was a good dog. I smiled and nodded my head and bowed my head in a gesture of welcome. Layla silently waited with me as I watched the elderly couple smile and continued their stroll on a beautiful day. 

After they turned a corner and disappeared from my sight; I picked up to continue our walk, and I petted Layla's head. She shook her body as if she was getting rid of water then pranced along my side. Lost in my thoughts; I tucked the memory of the elderly couple inside my heart, and smiled to myself. 

It was a beautiful day, indeed. 


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  1. Ashley, this is a beautiful story :)