Thursday, March 8, 2012


How Far Along: 16 weeks! Whoo! Almost half way there! 

Total Weight Gain: I was right--I did gain a couple pounds but it was not too bad. 8 of 2-lb gain since the last time I went to see my doctor. 

Maternity Clothes: Still mixed even though I'm leaning way more to leggings and comfortable stretchy pants these days. I can manage to still fit in my regular shirts. I've bought two more maternity tops though! 

Stretch Marks: Nothing! *knocks on the wood*

Sleep: Still mixed. Some nights; I sleep great, and some nights, I don't sleep as well thanks to my sore hips and having to use bathroom. I definitely have been having WEIRDEST dreams ever. Throw in Lady Gaga and being on run from the police for murder....and you'll understand how weird my dreams are. 

Best Moments Of The Week: Still feeling Baby Russ popping inside! Feeling Baby Russ's heartbeat on the doppler. Getting few boxes of baby clothes from a great friend...thanks! Having come up with a great idea for nursery room and getting a green light from our landlord to decorate the room in any way we want! Getting cute things for the nursery in the mail! 

Miss Anything: Having a normal dream. 

Movements: Still popcorn feeling. Baby Russ sure likes to groove and shake a lot!

Food Craving: Broccoli and dill dip. That's a big one this week. And oh, yeah brats. 

Anything Making You Queasy: Nothing. 

Have you Started Showing Yet: Oh yep! I have a baby bump!

Gender Prediction: We will announce in 4 weeks whether Team Pink or Team Blue wins!

Belly Button In Or Out: Oh it's in and gathering lint from clothes. Geez, I feel like a plumber now. 

Wedding Ring On Or Off: On.

Mood: Happy Happy Happy!

Looking Forward To: Being Week 17! Holy bats!