Thursday, March 15, 2012


How Far Along: 17 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 8 pounds. Baby Russ is only 5 ounces at this moment. Crazy, huh? I wonder where all extra weight is coming from! *winks* 

Maternity Clothes: Still sticking with leggings and stretchy pants. My regular shirts are beginning to feel snug. It might be time to say good-bye to them until late August/early September? I bought a cute maternity skirt and I can't wait to start wearing it more often. 

Stretch Marks: Absolutely none! If I can make to 20 weeks, which is half way, without any single stretch then that's a sign of victory for me! And we have to see what happens in 2nd half though....I won't be surprised if I do end up with a few during the second last of my pregnancy. 

Sleep: Still so-so. My hips keep on affecting my sleeping schedule. I wake up with sore hip then I have to flip over to my other side...only to have flip back to the other side. It is a good thing that Stu is a heavy sleeper!

Best Moments Of The Week: Going for walks with Layla and Stu thanks to this amazingly beautiful weather. Feeling Baby Russ pop and roll! Going out for an ice cream with Stu! Yummy!

Miss Anything: Having no heartburn. It has been a killer this week no matter what I eat. Baby Russ must have a head full of hair, I think! Or at least that it is what everybody has been saying about my heartburn. 

Movements: Yep! Popping and rolling occasionally. It's fun to feel Baby Russ when that happens!

Food Craving: Anything salty. Broccoli with dill dip is coming close second. 

Anything Making You Queasy: Just if I eat a bit too much of sweet food like cheesecake, to name one. I guess Baby Russ isn't a sweet tooth type of person! But hey, at least Baby Russ can handle Milano cookies and that's all good for Mommy! 

Have You Started Showing: I guess so! The other day, my neighbor asked me if I was pregnant and I said yes. He congratulated me on my pregnancy. A few people have asked me if I was pregnant in random places like food store and stores that I go to. Crazy. Must be because I'm finally not wearing my thick winter jacket or sweatshirts. 

Gender Prediction: In 3 weeks, we will announce the gender! I'm so excited to not have this under the "wraps" anymore!! Thank goodness, it is getting harder and harder not to let the gender slip!

Belly Button In or Out: Oh, it's still in. 

Wedding Ring On Or Off: On. I don't know what will happen this summer though.

Mood: Terrific, happy, and in a good mood! 

Looking Forward To: Visiting my family this weekend. Being Week 18! 


  1. Yay!!! Glad everything's going well. :) Can't wait to hear the gender! Hang in there with the heartburn! <3

  2. Totally been MIA of recent.
    I am so happy, and you make me happy and I just, this is all so bloody exciting :)))