Thursday, March 22, 2012


How Far Along: 18 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 8 pounds. Baby Russ is 6.7 oz and 5.6 inches long this week! 

Maternity Clothes: I've been wearing this adorable maternity skirt all week long because of this beautiful weather we've been having! I may no longer can turn to my regular shirts because I have discovered that I can't quite pull it over my belly anymore. Dang. But that's okay; I have plenty of cute maternity tops even though they are still tad loose on me!

Stretch Marks: Nothing! Nada. Zilch. None. 

Sleep: Much better this week now that I have a mattress foam on our bed--my hips don't bother me as much now. Whew!

Best Moments Of This Week: Feeling Baby Russ move inside and finally very faintly on the outside. In a few weeks; we should be able to feel Baby Russ much better because Baby Russ will be stronger and bigger. Finally clearing out our office to make room for Baby Russ--that has been my big project of the week!

Food Craving: Broccoli and dill dip all way. Baby Russ absolutely loves vegetables. Let's hope that Baby Russ will still like them when Baby Russ is older! 

Anything Making You Feel Queasy: Nothing. Pregnancy is fairly awesome so far. 

Have You Started Showing Yet: Yep, I'm pregnant and people can tell! 

Gender Prediction: Can April 11th be here already?! I'm tired of watching what I type to make sure I don't accidentally slip Baby Russ's gender! 

Belly Button In Or Out: It's in, alright. 

Wedding Ring On Or Off: I had to take it off every morning when I took Layla for a walk because my fingers swell from dehydration and warm weather. But once I've cooled down from the walk; I've been able to put my ring back on with no problem!

Mood: Pleasant. Happy. Feeling pretty good.

Looking Forward To: Being week 19! Holy Schazz, I'm almost there at the half-way already!