Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can Deaf People Enjoy Music?

Music and Deaf People

Sometimes I get this from people; I really wish you can hear music,  or Deaf people can't really enjoy music because well...they are Deaf. 

The biggest misconception that hearing people have of us Deaf people is that since we are unable to hear then it must mean that we are missing out on music. We can't enjoy music because of our inability to hear the lyrics or beats. We don't dance. We don't really care for music. It doesn't move, inspire, or cause us to feel emotions. right? 


Try telling that to my good guy friend. Every time I step into his car; I jump nearly a foot up in the air because the music blares through the  subwoofers as soon as he starts his car. I cover my ears--never mind that I am profoundly Deaf myself--and ask him to pretty please turn down the music. 

Try telling that to my other Deaf friends who enjoy turning up volume in their cars while listening to their favorite CD's. 

Try telling that to bunch of Deaf people at their house parties that music isn't vital for the parties. 

Try telling that to Marlee Matlin (Deaf actress). In her autobiography; she admitted that she spent hours "training herself" to understand lyrics of her favorite singer, and never lost her love for the music. 

I absolutely love music. I read lyrics. I listen to music. I have no particular favorite genre. I like Rock N Roll, Punk, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, Classical, Indie, Blues, Jazz, Reagge, Pop, and dance music. I love singing along with my hearing friends. I love Karaoke--just ask my Dad; we sing a mean song together to Cruisin' with Karaoke!  I love dancing in the car with my Deaf friends. I love dancing with my husband, Stu, even though he prefers slow songs to fast songs. I enjoy the drumming music that is often found in the downtown during the hot summers. I find that music inspires me. I don't need to hear the lyrics to feel emotions in the songs. I can feel it.

There are even Deaf musicians and bands. Yes, you read what I just said right. There ARE Deaf musicians and bands that tours all over the world and United States to play music. In the video down below; Sean Forbes is a Deaf rapper(?)/musician and he is dancing with a well-known Deaf actress, Marlee Matlin:

There are professional Deaf dancers. They dance exactly right steps at right time with timing of the music. It is quite amazing to see. It takes a lot of practice and patience and feeling vibrations. The video down below is a dancing group called Wild Zappers (I saw them in Washington DC at a conference and it was the most coolest thing I have ever seen). The video is okay quality but you get the idea:

Keep in the mind, there are different types of hearing losses. Some of us have gradual hearing loss, some of us are hard of hearing, and some of us are profoundly Deaf. We all enjoy music in different ways. Sure, there are some of us Deaf folks that really don't care for music or dancing. Just like you hearing folks.'

Just because there is a hearing loss doesn't mean we can't appreciate or love music.


  1. Hi there :) My roommate's Grandmother recently passed away, and she and his Grandfather are deaf. A friend of mine is going to write a song in her memory, and we were wondering if there was maybe something unique he could do for the song. Something that would stand out for his Grandfather. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. What kind of music are you looking at? Deaf-related music such like what I've typed in this post (Deaf rap songs, or etc)? Or just lyrics that reflects your grandmother? :) I might be able to help you better if I have answers to the questions I just asked!