Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hamm Of The Show

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter and had plenty of delicious food to eat! I definitely probably ate too much, but at least this year; I had a good excuse...I'm eating for two

Stu and I spent Easter with Stu's family like we did every year. However, this year was different because we had Layla to come along with us. Our family always loved seeing Layla so it was not a big deal to bring her over to different houses for visits. 

This year; we were invited over to Stu's cousin, John's house, for Easter, and we bought Layla along with us.  Layla was on her best behavior and lavished attention from family members. She loved having her ears scratched, to be sweet-talked to, and her belly to be rubbed. She was in a doggy heaven, that was for sure. 

There was a delicious banquet of dishes on the kitchen table along with the smoked  Easter Ham. Layla longingly stared at us folks eating delicious food. Her black nostrils sniffed at the scent-filled air. She salivated excessively--long string of drool hung from her jowls as she paced around hoping to find something on the ground to eat. 


Stu and I were eating our lunch in the living room, barely paying attention to Layla since she was wandering all over the place, and we were sure she was being watched by our family. So no big deal right?

Suddenly, Stu jumped up to his feet and dashed to the kitchen. I sat on the sofa, puzzled, and continued eating. Bobbie, my mother-in-law, turned to me and said, Layla ate some Ham. 

My eyes widened and I gasped then covered my mouth. Oh, crap was my first thought. How much did she eat? followed shortly after my first thought. 

I waddled with my pregnant belly, stuffed of food and too much desserts,  toward the kitchen. There stood Stu, Aunt Josie, and Stacy in the kitchen laughing. Aunt Josie held up a large plate of sliced Ham. There was some partial bitten off slices. Layla sat among us, her tail neatly tucked under her body, and her large doe-like eyes pleaded for her not to be punished. After all, that ham did smell so good...and I can't help it....the resistance is futile....you humans are eating it so why can't I have some either? 

Upon my immediate observation; Aunt Josie was laughing while Stacy stood there flabbergasted yet laughing, and Stu was shaking his head, and I concluded that our Miss Layla was not in trouble. Stu filled me in that Stacy and Aunt Josie had seen Layla stealing a piece or two of Ham off the platter then gobbling it up as fast as she could before being caught. Fortunately, Aunt Josie rescued the platter and placed it to a higher and safer ground from Layla's salivating mouth. 

After the commotion had been settled down, everybody learned about Layla's greatest escapade of counter-surfing for food which ultimately ended up her eating some of Ham, and we all had a good laugh while Layla dozed away in the living room with her belly full of delicious Ham.

She certainly hammed up our Easter lunch that day.

**To further prove how spoiled Layla had been on Easter; she received some soft rib bones to chew on later in the day**

Have a wonderful Tuesday,