Thursday, April 19, 2012

Week 22 Bump

How Far Along: 22 Weeks! 

**Before I go into the details for this week; I want to share this fun link with you guys, and it is called "Guess Baby Russ Weight". Here is the link: Guess Baby Russ Weight
(If you want a direct link then here's the direct link:
What you have to do is click on Enter A Guess, and fill out information. You don't have to include your location of where you live, but you need to fill out information that has red dots. This will be open all summer until August. You can either guess now or wait until it's closer to my due date. Have fun playing**

How Big Is Baby: Baby Russ is the size of a Papaya--I think it is some kind of fruit? Baby Russ is about 11 inches long and guess what....ONE POUND! So he's on a right track of growth!

Total Weight Gain: 15 pounds. Seriously; this is probably the only handful times in my whole life as a lady that I'll share information about my weight. *winks* 

Stretch Marks: None. I'm thanking my lucky stars every week for no stretch marks, but then again; I am also prepared to handle if I do end up with some! 

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah, I'm definitely "outgrowing" my regular shirts. My mom and I purchased some more cute maternity dresses for me. I have a feeling I'll be wearing dresses all summer long (it's just something about being pregnant and in long dresses that I find adorable). And not to mention; it's cheaper and cooler to wear! I just don't want to waste $60-$80 on blue jeans maternity pants and not to wear them until I get pregnant again someday. Besides, I think maternity blue jeans are kind of ugly. Don't you agree? 

Sleep: I have been having a lot of zombie and post-apocalypse dreams lately. I guess I should stop watching Doomsday Preppers TV show on National Geographic Channel. 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Feeling my boy kicking and bumping his fists inside. Stu loves it when he is able to feel him from the outside. Shopping with my Mom for baby stuff--that was fun!

Food Craving: Fruits, salty stuff, and MEAT. This boy demands boyish food that I don't really normally eat pre-pregnancy. 

Food Aversion: Greasy food. 

Symptoms: My left lower rib cage has been really sore lately; I learned that it is because our ribs expand about 1-2 inches during the second trimester for the ligaments to stretch in order to accommodate the growing belly, and it doesn't help that I have had an old injury to that rib cage. I'm hoping that Baby Russ won't eventually end up kicking at that side! An occasional heartburn still strikes. 

Movements: Yep! I feel Baby Russ every morning when I am on the verge of waking up, during the afternoon, and evenings. Sometimes he likes to move while I am trying to fall asleep! Most of the time, he is pretty gentle with the movements, and even so; he likes to give me a sharp jab which surprises me since I am not expecting that. :) 

What Do I Miss: Oddly enough, cleaning out cats' litter box. Stu is not exactly up to the par to cleaning it out as frequent as I would like and I have a very specific way how I like to keep it clean for the cats. The cats seem to prefer my way too (sorry Stu; don't worry though, us cats and I still love you). 

Belly Button In or Out: It is in the process of being turned inside out! 

Wedding Ring On or Off: On. 

Gender: BOY BOY BOY BOY! It's nice to be able to that out! 

Looking Forward To: Hopefully; to set up the baby room. I'm itching badly to organize and clean and decorate baby's room already! 

Next Appointment: May 7th at 3 PM. It is just a regular check-up. It will be nice to finally see my DR again; it has been a while since I last saw her and I have some questions for her!