Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 23 Bump

How Far Along: 23 weeks! Guess what? This means I am officially 6 months pregnant! It is crazy because it still feels like as if it is only yesterday when I find out that I am pregnant and wanting a cute baby bump. Now I'm approaching the third trimester. Crazy! 

How Big Is Baby: According to the Bump site; baby Russ is about 11.8 inches long, and 1.25 pounds.  He is as big as a Pomegranate fruit. 

Total Weight Gain: 15 pounds.

Stretch Marks: Nothing. *knocks on the wood* I'm starting to develop a faint vertical line on my stomach and it is called Linear Nigra. No one knows what it quite is or why it happens. Just one of those freaky pregnancy symptoms, I suppose! 

Maternity Clothes: Oh you bet! I'm wearing both winter and spring maternity clothes--really itching to get into my cute dresses, but I have to wait until the weather gets really warm and stays that way!

Sleep: Between my sore ribs, sore hips, Baby Russ moving, having to get up to pee throughout the night, and weird dreams; sleep is fairly good for this pregnant mama--hey it could be worse, right? 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Getting stuff set up in Baby Russ's bedroom! Stage one COMPLETED. Now to Stage two: decorating and organizing. Feeling Baby Russ becoming stronger with his movements everyday. Looking through Baby Russ' clothes, getting pictures of his first shoes, and hat from his grand-aunt! 

A glimpse of Baby Russ's first Halloween hat! 
Food Craving(s): Pineapple chunks, strawberries, cheese & crackers, meat and an occasional Mrs. Field chocolate chunk cookies. Yum. 

Food Aversion: Grease and greasy food. If I cook with oil in the skillet then the smell of the oil cooking makes me want to wrap lower half of my face with a rag just to block the smell. Yuck. 

Symptoms: Heartburn. If the old wives' tales is correct about heartburn as an indication for the baby to have a head full of hair then I guess Baby Russ may be born with head full of dark hair! Or he may surprise us with being born bald. Who knows? Sore ribs. Sore hips. I've been noticing that I'm getting more klutz-y these days. 

Movements: On some days, I think Baby Russ is having a party in his little home, and other days, he's pretty chill and lazy. He is most active in afternoon/evenings. 

What Do I Miss: Having no heartburn. I get it from cheese, diary, spicy food, and everything pretty much. I eat reasonable portion every time to avoid my stomach from being too full (it can trigger heratburn) yet I still get a heartburn. So it's no win situation for me! Being able to breath normally after walking up a flight of stairs. 

Belly Button In or Out: Semi inside, semi outside. If Baby Russ moves against my belly then my belly button kind of bugles out but not quite all way out. I am hoping it will stay in for as long as possible--it would be strange to have an outie. 

Wedding Ring On or Off: On. Let's hope my ring can stay on until third trimester! 

Gender: A boy! I've been looking forward to having a little boy around here. Stu and Mr. Jinxy feels a bit outnumbered by us girls. 

Looking Forward To: Spending the weekend in Green Bay visiting Lauren. The month of May! May is going to be crazy busy for me though, but I am looking forward to that! 

Next Appointment: Monday May 7th. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and amazing journey with us all.
    We are blessed to be part of something so special.
    Always wishing amazing things for you all <3 {{{hugs}}}