Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Confessions of a Pregnant Mama

This week on my blog is all about pregnancy since I am going to write about my confessions of being pregnant today and posting my weekly update about my pregnancy tomorrow. So feel free to roll your eyes at, or laugh at, or skip this post and come back tomorrow for the weekly update! 

Confessions of a Pregnant Mama

Ever since I got pregnant, advice-giving has become a big part of my life, and it is something that I have come to accept that all pregnant women have to deal with this. There are some great advice. Some really kooky advice. Some annoying advice. I find them EVERYWHERE. It's impossible to run away from advice-giving topic! It's in my pregnancy books. It is online on the internet. My friends, who have had children, likes to help me out by telling me what to expect. Hell, even strangers in food store tell me what I should buy for my unborn baby! The sad thing is? This advice-giving tendency that people have won't go away once I give birth to my will be from why hello, you are pregnant, here's what you should why hello, you are a mother, here's what you should do for your son.....

NEVER...I mean, NEVER...comment on how I look unless if it is something along with the line of saying oh my gosh, you are so beautiful, your belly is beautiful, and you look great! Don't even dare to say anything else besides that. If you have to lie through your teeth then go ahead. The golden rule is to not say anything about weight, size or appearance of any pregnant woman you come across to. Don't tell me that I look small for having a boy. What makes you think I will care what you have to say about my size? The only person I will listen to my OB-GYN doctor. Don't tell me that I will "pop out" and hate being pregnant. You are not me. If you want to tell me that I look beautiful then KARMA to you! :) 
A good example of lying through your teeth or telling the truth depending on the pregnant mama you encounter...that is if you want to live: 

It can be overwhelming to be a pregnant mama especially if you are going through it for the very first time. I find myself being bombarded by baby products, baby clothes, baby strollers, baby cribs, and baby this or baby that. Sometimes I sit back and have no clue what pregnant women or mothers are talking about online about the products they have purchased for their little ones. Honestly, I really don't care. Just give me something that works. If the stroller rolls and folds up easily then great. Give me that. I don't care about how pretty the crib looks. Just give me a practical crib that can be converted into a toddler bed and eventually a twin sized bed. Save me some money from having to purchase toddler bed and a twin-sized bed for my grown boy one day, right? I don't care if I go with Moby Wrap or fancy baby carrier as long as I can get some use out of it. I smile and nod my head when people start chitter-chatter about how cool this product is because frankly, I don't care. Just because I am pregnant doesn't mean I am a walking dictionary of all baby products or I know exactly what brand I want.

Ever since I got pregnant, I really don't care much about what comes out of my mouth..or, er rather my hands since I sign and type. I find that I am easily irritated and sarcastic quite often. You have a life problem? Do something about it! Don't whine to me because I don't care especially if this is the same old problem but just on a different day! I am not a sweet and patient friend anymore thanks to my lovely raging hormones. Fear not, I am a lot more stable now than I was in my first trimester, but I am not afraid to say how I feel about your situation.  Don't get me wrong; I do listen patiently, and give my shoulder for you to cry on. I am still that same sweet nice person/friend that you have known prior me getting pregnant. At the same time, don't be so shocked if I say something uncharacteristically not me. I may keep this once the baby is born though. 

Just because I have a visible bump now doesn't mean it is open for an invitation to be touched!!!!
I don't mind an occasional pat on my belly....but for someone I don't know to come up to me and 
scream then touch my belly for good 5 minutes isn't that cool. It is one of those moments when I wish I have ultra-long fake fingernails to scratch your eyes out. 

I still get hit on and be told that I am very attractive as a pregnant mama. 
I am not sure if I should be freaked out or flattered. 
Still figuring it out. 

Trust me, your pets know when you are knocked up. 
Missy, my cat, seem to really hate my belly. Every time she sits on my belly then wants to 
jump off--she doesn't jump off gracefully, but rather sink her claws in and bounce off. Thanks cat. 
My other cat, Mr. Jinxy, is thankfully more kind. He loves my belly and rubs his head on my bump. 
He has to sleep right next to me on the sofa or on the bed. Mr. Jinxy likes to knead his paws against my belly to elicit some movements from Baby Russ. Layla, our dog, does not really care.
Make sure your pets are trained or prepared before your little one arrives though!!

I grit my teeth when people tell me that giving birth will really hurt if I opt for drug-free
delivery (barring any medical complications or emergency c-section). 
No shit Sherlock, do you think I don't know that already prior deciding on drug-free delivery?! 
I am one of those open-minded mamas that is willing to keep her birth plan flexible....even though
I am going to try as hell to have a drug-free delivery. If you want to live then just smile and nod your head while thinking that I am nuts. Be my guest. 

My pregnancy is not like your pregnancy. 
Keep that in your mind. 
You may hate being pregnant. You may have bad experience with being pregnant.
Fine. I respect that. 
Just don't tell me that my pregnancy is like yours. 
Because it is definitely not. 

Last, but not the least.........

Be conscious. 
I do post weekly pregnancy updates on my Facebook and 
try to keep it at there. 
There are people out there who may be affected by your pregnancy
(struggling to conceive, death of their baby, & infertility to name a few). 
Even so, by constantly talking about being pregnant can get old fast for some people. 
That's why I find my outlets outside blogging such as 
mommy boards, friends/family especially grandmas-to-be who are open to talking about babies, 
pregnancy magazines or books. 
It can bug some people when pregnant women toss their care to the wind and not being aware of 
how much their talk of being pregnant (albeit negative or positive) can affect others. 


  1. Love it! Great post :)

    I had someone I know come in to my office one day (on a day I was well rested, wearing makeup and a brand new adorable maternity shirt...I was looking good...or so I thought!) and say,
    "Wow you must be really starting to feel the effects of being pregnant. You look REALLY tired."

    Why isn't punching people who make comments like that allowed?!

  2. I've been slacking on reading your blog, but I'm catching up! I have to say, being someone that has my own personal battles with pregnancy, I find your updates absolutely adorable. I look forward to reading your weekly updates. You are very respectful and you have always taken others' personal struggles into consideration. That's why we all pretty much love ya and couldn't be more happy for you and your bundle of joy.

    P.S. That photo, surprisingly enough, I've seen many women do that! haha! "Oh, you want to see my belly?" ::Pulls up shirt:: lol