Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Our silly Basset loved to rest her front paws on the console between our seats while Stu drove up to the Farm for Memorial Day weekend. One thing we both greatly appreciated about Layla was that she always traveled great in the car and knew her place in the moving car. 

We had plenty of fresh air, exercise, and quality time with our family. My favorite moment was spent over a crackling fire, roasting our marshmallows with our nephews and niece, and enjoying the serenity that came with spending time with family. It was a real contentment to sit under the stars, watching soft fire flaming, having kids enjoy a s'more or two (including myself!), laughing and smiling while enjoying soft cool evening summer breezes. 

My mother-in-law, Bobbie, and sister-in-law, Jenny hosted a baby shower for Stu and me on Sunday. It was a wonderful time had by everybody. In the morning; it stormed badly, and the clouds finally broke free mid-morning to allow sun to shine through. It reminded me of our wedding day; how cold and dread-like it was in the morning only to turn out to be a beautiful 70 degrees June weather in time for our ceremony to begin. I had to smile. After all, rain was always considered to be a good luck. So many people came and plenty of delicious food was eaten. Bobbie made countless cupcakes and my favorite was pumpkin cupcakes! I must have eaten at least 5 of those little suckers on Sunday!! 

We were really blessed to get so many things for Baby Russ that day. I didn't have a chance to take pictures of our gifts that day seeing that Stu and I were the guests of honor at the party! Fortunately, I was able to take pictures at home: 

Ready to be washed! Clothes, burping cloths, receiving blankets,
crib blankets, & socks. We are about to get more from my upcoming shower this weekend!

Uncle Spencer made this for Baby Russ.
And yes, there's a mock pee stain. 

Our niece, Ainsley, who is going to be 4 later in the fall,
said it is a red butterfly.

I'm absolutely geeked about this! I'm really
excited to use this for Baby Russ! 

A bumbo seat! It can be used in the regular bathtub when
Baby Russ gets to be a bit older. 

A boppy pillow! I've been wanting one! 

Every Wisconsinite boy needs one!
The next step is to find a Packers shirt! 

I have been wanting DR. Brown bottle because
it has the best review from the parents and parenting magazines. 

You should recognize this if you are born in 80s!
It is my childhood toy that I hope Baby Russ
will come to love too. 

Bobbie gave me this adorable bracelet. I really love it
since it is very nature-like and the best part is the meaning
behind the tree. It means: Family, a link to our past, and a bridge
to our future. What a beautiful message. 

Later in the evening; we went for a walk with Layla, Bobbie and the boys. The boys raced their bikes down the winding road under long stretch of canopy trees. Layla ended up with several ticks, and was a trooper when we plucked the little stinkers off her. After a long walk, I suggested that we should have one more campfire and enjoy S'mores. It was well-received request. Once again, we sat under the stars, relieving a wonderful day of having Russ family come together, and allowing contentment to sink in all once again. 

A visit up to the Farm always refreshed me. What was there not to love about the country living? Or perhaps, it was always somewhat magical about the country to this city girl especially during the summers. 

All this made me eager for my next baby shower with Aiken Family.

Cherish your family for that they are a link to our past and a bridge to our future.


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