Thursday, May 10, 2012


How Far Along: 25 weeks! About 3 more weeks until I get into third trimester and start going to DR every 2 weeks! 

How Big Is Baby: Baby Russ is anywhere from 13.6 to 14.8 inches long, and tipping over into being 2 pounds! He's as big as a Cauliflower vegetable. 

Total Weight Gain: From the doctor visit on Monday; I gained 4 pounds in a month since the last visit, and in total, that meant that I gained 19 pounds. Dr. Mbah said that I am on a great track with weight gain and thinks that the month of April must have been Baby Russ's growth spurt...and I also blame it on the Easter food! *winks* 

Stretch Marks: Yet other week has gone by without a single stretch mark.  *knocks on the wood* 

Maternity Clothes: I've been wearing more maternity clothes and comfortable loose pants/shirts that I own pre-pregnancy. I don't even wear my regular blue jeans's just dang too uncomfortable even with belly bands and rubber band trick. I think my hips have spread a bit too. I feel like I have a plumber butt if I wear my regular blue jeans and bend over. So I tend to wear Pajamas Jeans (It has come in super handy) when I go out (hee hee). 

Sleep: Still fair. I do get more tired these days...I guess my second trimester energy is waning off now. Boo. I still get up a lot to pee during the night--my little stinker likes to bounce on my bladder a lot at the night. 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Feeling Baby Russ's heart beat--his heart rate was pegged at he was doing healthy and great. Dr. Mbah was also sweet and said that pregnancy looked great for me and that I had a cute little bump. Too nice of her! Knowing that I was measuring right on the time. Meeting old and new friends at the dinner at Olive Garden. Getting cards from wonderful people to wish me a happy mother's day--at first, I was confused then it hit me--I was already a mommy even though Baby Russ was still baking! 

Food Craving(s): Aside from my same old cravings; I recently developed two new cravings...ICE CREAM and french fries! Along with cheese and ice cream; I am guessing that either Baby Russ or I need more calcium in my diet. As for french fries; it is just yummy and salty! This is not my craving, but I am happy to announce that coffee is back in my diet! Finally, this little guy is letting me enjoy my cup of joe....albeit decaf one though. 

Food Aversion(s): Unchanged from last week and week before that and week before that......greasy food/grease. The smell of liquor store or liquor department in the food store makes me want to barf. 

Symptoms: Rib pain. I finally talked to Dr. Mbah about it. She ruled out gallbladder stones (thank goodness--it would have sucked if I had them). She explained that either my rib pain was resulting from Baby Russ's foot pressing up against my ribs OR his foot was pressing my liver up against my lower rib and causing my liver to be all mushed up which could have affected the nerves along my ribs. Sleeping alright. Still klutzy. Linear Nigra becoming even darker--it looks like someone drew a mark vertically on my belly. Short fuse if I am irritated. Out of breath easily these days. Ah, the joys of being pregnant. *I hope I didn't scare anyone out of wanting to be pregnant!* 

Movements: Oh definitely. I feel Baby Russ nearly all of the time now especially in the morning, after I've eaten, and in evenings. He will move like crazy if I eat something he really likes (ice cream, to name one). 

What Do I Miss: Pain-free body. The rib pain will not be resolved until after Baby Russ is born. 

Belly Button In or Out: It is still the same. When Baby Russ moves then my belly button is on verge of popping out. It is the weirdest sight ever. 

Wedding Ring On or Off: It is still on even though I am discovering that my ring feels super snug on my finger in the mornings when I wake up, but my ring feels more loose during the day (I think it has something to do with drinking water). 

Looking Forward To: My baby showers, visiting my family & friends, and approaching third trimester! 

Next Appointment: Wednesday May 30th at 1 pm. It is a BIG DEAL appointment because it is Glucose test to rule out Gestational Diabetes. It means I'll have to show up, take a big swig of super sweet drink, and sit on my butt for an hour before having my blood drawn out. Fun. I suppose I'll bring a good book along with to read while I'm waiting. 


  1. Love the update! Glad things are going well for you. You look so cute, and you are glowing!

  2. I just read with THE biggest smile on my face.
    I love you and I love this and just LOVE!